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AZ275nano NEW

Top Model Across the Entire Nano-level Machining Products.
Nano Machining Center with a Proprietary Construction That FullyExploits the Superiority of High-speed Milling.

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* The picture shown may slightly differ from the actual machine.

Main Features

Active Vibration-free System"Counter Table Mechanism"
Equipped with a canceling axis driven at opposite phase to the machining table. The proprietary mechanism cancels out reactions and fluctuations in the center of gravity position to suppress vibrations from the cutting process to the utmost limit and permit ultra-precision nano-level machining. Synergistic effects with Sodick’s original RF amplifier achieve high-speed and high-precision drive at high accelerations 1.7 times faster than previous model.
Features a New NC Unit and RF Amplifier
The new LN4AZ NC unit developed and manufactured by Sodick is employed. The increase in scale feedback resolution from 3 nm to 0.1 nm and the faster control cycle significantly enhance the dynamic performance with smaller step feed commands. Furthermore, a redesign of the operation screen offers an intuitive and direct operating environment.
Novel Motor DrivenSpindle with Air Bearings
A novel motor driven spindle with air bearings which is optimal for machining in the ultrafine/ultra-precise region is adopted. It achieves superlative vibration characteristics across a wide rotation speed range up to 120,000 min-1 . The machine offers high-speed and high-quality machining that fully exploits the advantages of high-speed milling, while meeting diverse machining requirements.


Axis stroke X×Y×Z (mm)300 x 250 x 100
Max. Cutting feed speed(mm/min)5000
Acceleration X/Y/Z2 x 1.5 x 2G (max. 0.5 G during machining)
Spindle rotational speed(min-120,000~120,000
Unit weight(kg)5500
Total power input(kVA)25
Machine tool dimensions W x D x H (mm)1350 x 2030 x 2050 *1

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