Noodle Making Machine
Noodle Roller Cutter

Ranging from standard to special-purpose roller cutters.

Main Features

Special-Purpose Cutters

Special edge shape!
The MICRO EDGE cutter is coated with a special ultra-hard coating for superb durability. The thin blade width and sharp cutting-edge angle ensure continuous deep and sharp cuts.


Unique cross-section
Heart cutters
Special blades that create a heart-shaped cross-section.
These noodles offer a complex texture that can help the soup blend well into the noodle.

Heart cutters

Dragon's Beard noodles
#50 Ultra-fine round cutters
Round cutters that can cut out noodles just as 0.6 mm strings.

#50 Ultra-fine round cutters

Mesh noodles
Grating cutters
Easily create mesh noodles with a simple pass through the roller cutters. Noodles divided into two or three sections each are easily grasped with chopsticks and make ideal food for invalids.

#50 Ultra-fine round cutters

Slotted noodles
Slit cutters
Enables cutting to ensure shorter boiling time.

#50 Ultra-fine round cutters

General Cutters

Create scrapers and roller cutters with accurate pitch with precision machining technology.

Shape Angle cutter / Round cutter / Thin cutter / Mixed cutter
Cutter numbers Angle cutter:No. 8 to No. 30・Round cutter:No. 8 to No. 28
Thin cutter:6No. 6 to No. 24
Effective width 230mm/300mm/360mm/450mm
* Other special widths are available.
Frame height 75mm(Width 230・300)100mm(Width 360・450)
Frame Aluminum frame with bearings

Other cutters can be manufactured according to customers' requirements.
Contact Sodick for details.

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