Noodle Making Machine
Noodle-sheet Conveyor

Transport Dough from Mixer to Compound Press Roller, Supply it at Fixed-volume to Hopper.

Noodle-sheet Conveyor
Model:MRC-56 MRC-90 MRC-100 MRC-120
(crushing unit + drive unit + conveyor + belt tension)
Noodle-sheet Conveyor

Noodle-sheet Conveyor

Main Features

(1)This conveyor transports dough from the mixer to the compound press roller and can supply it at fixed-volume to the hopper.

(2)Crushing unit crushes noodles into compact blocks and distributes them to Compound Pressing Noodle Machine.

(3)Dough supply to the hopper is automatically controlled by a sensor.

External Dimensional Diagram

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