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Cooling Device of Granule Powder NEW

Temperature-controlling many different kinds of granule powder in production of Noodle, Bread, Cookie, etc. with stable management of Dough Temperature and Product Quality.

Main Features

(1)Highly More Effective as compared to the existing cooling system in the industry.
(2)Most Applicable to Dough of High Moisture Content
(3)High Saving of Running Cost of Operation

This device can be hooked to Sodick Vacuum Mixer
for full auto continuous operation.

Touch Panel Control allows
Temperature, and Vacuum Level Adjustment.

Sample Test Data

Medium-strength Flour

Vacuum Level -100kPa
Vacuum Cooling Time 15min
Temp. before Cooling 31.0℃
Temp. after Cooling 21.0℃(-10℃)
Moisture Content Change 0.5% (approx.)
  • Currently testing by experiment


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