Noodle Making Machine

A new type of mixer that offers mixing, kneading, and vigorous gluten development!

It offers brand-new food textures, such as springy udon or chewy Chinese noodles.

Mixer blade
Mixer blade

Noodle-sheet Conveyor / cutter
Noodle-sheet Conveyor/カッター
Breaking of the dough produced in the Gluderu mixer damages the mesh structure created in the mixer. Therefore, the dough is cut into blocks by a cutter on the noodle-sheet conveyor.

Main Features

(1)Highly hydrated dough mixing! Automatic processes from mixing with 50% water to kneading in order to produce a dough superior to handmade dough.

(2)Allows precise rotation settings! The rotational speed can be set precisely to match changing states of the dough.

(3)Replaceable mixer blades! The mixer blades can be replaced to support a range of applications.

(4)Smooth dough discharge! The kneaded highly hydrated dough is smoothly discharged from the mixer, without winding around shafts.

Product Specifications

Model VMM-25 (mixer), MRM-74(Noodle-sheet Conveyor)
Mixing performance 25kg(flour weight)
Power supply 9.1kW 3-phase200V
Operating air pressure 3.3l/min、0.6MPa

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