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DDM Noodle Making Machine with Continuous Noodle Slitter

Main Features

Quiet Production Environment is provided
DDM (Direct Drive Motor) Motor in tubular shaft directly drives the rotating axis of Roll and Slitter.
No chain-drive is used, allowing quiet and non-torque-loss operation.
No Wearing of Gears
Sealed Oil-bath Package designed for interlocking gears of male and female rolls.
No Lubricating Grease required. No worries about Gear-wearing and abrasion powder.

DDM Compound Noodle Pressing Machine

Easy Cleaning Always Hygienic

Easy Hand-access to the machine bottom for easy cleaning. Much less work in cleaning, and improved hygienic level.

DDM Continuous Noodle Pressing Machine

No Scraper required!

HT Plasma Coating (Optional)
Four-layer coating with a high coating hardness applied using a special thermal spraying process to protect the surface.
No scraper required, free from troubles caused by scraper.

DDM Continuous Noodle Slitter (KIRIHA)

No dirty hands for replacing noodle slitter!

Coupling system allows Easy Replacement of noodle slitters.
No dirty hands and no smeared clothes with oil.

Enhanced Accuracy of Finish!

Digital Dial Meter is featured to improve the finish accuracy of noodle sheet thickness.

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