Noodle Making Machine
Vertical 2-Axis Vacuum Mixer

Vertical 2-axis system offering uniform vacuum mixing♪

Vertical 2-Axis Vacuum Mixer
Eliminates poor mixing at the center that occurs with a single mixer shaft!
Vertical 2-Axis Vacuum Mixer

Main Features

(1)3-bag mixer can operate with just 20 kg Achieves uniform mixing with loads from 20 kg to 75 kg.

(2)Eliminates poor mixing at mixer shafts The dough rotates around the cocoon-shaped body to ensure uniform mixing.

(3)Dough does not hold heat The large mixing area makes it difficult for the dough to hold heat.

(4)Hygienic and easy to clean! The mixer blades can be removed for easy cleaning.

Vertical 2-Axis Vacuum Mixer

Product Specifications

Model VM-75WT
Motor capacity Mixing shaft motor 200V 3.7kW
Top cover open/close motor 200V 0.04kW
Vacuum pump 200V 2.2kW
Operating air pressure Over 6kPa
Mixer shaft rotation speed High-speed operation 80~120r/min
Low-speed operation 30~60r/min
Operating performance Handling capacity 20~75kg
Vacuum pressure -86.6 ~-93.2 kPaG

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