Noodle Making Machine
Continuous Noodle Pressing Machine with Slitter


Main Features

(1)Roll gap is displayed on indicator of handle.

(2)Proportional Control System automatically adjusts slack of noodle sheets found between the rollers.

(3)Cam-clutch cutter system enables a precise and stable noodle-cutting calculation.

(4)One-touch detachable scraper allows quick and easy cleaning.

(5)Flange is made of high-density polyethylene resin so that it is very durable and hygienic.

(6)Stainless steel rolls are free from rusting, and very hygienic.

Special Roll Type for Nobe-uchi Noodle Sheet

Continuous-wave rolls perform a horizontal and vertical twist-effect pressing in order to manufacture even a higher-quality noodle product.

Flat roll
Flat roll
Small wave roll
Small wave roll
Medium wave roll
Medium wave roll
Large wave roll
Large wave roll

Product Specifications

Model SR
Roller width 300mm、240mm、180mm、120mm (Slitter)
Roller types 215mm・230mm・300mm・360mm・450mm

External Dimensional Diagram

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