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DDM Noodle-sheet Compounding Press Roller

Makes coarse noodle sheet out of crumbly dough, then compounds two coarse sheets into a noodle sheet.
DDM (direct drive motor) specifications that do not use chains or grease.

Main Features

(1) Indicators to check the thickness of the noodle sheets
(2) Inverter-controlled 2-motor drive allows adjustment of press rolling speed as required
(3) Two modes can be selected for the feeding equipment:

a. Synchronization with roll rotation (for thin noodle sheets)
b. Operating for a certain period of time when the rolls are stopped (for thick noodle sheets)

(4) Sensor detects slack of the noodle sheet between rolls and adjusts it automatically
(5) Sliding tray enables easy recovery of leavings of crumbly dough and noodle sheet scraps
(6) Stainless steel covers for ease of cleaning and excellent hygiene

Product Specifications

Models CPR3024 Roll diameter: 240 mm x 2 (coarse noodle sheet), 300 x 1 (in combination)
CPR3030 Roll diameter: 300 mm x 2 (coarse noodle sheet), 300 x 1 (in combination)
Roll width 215mm/230mm/300mm/360mm/450mm/600mm
Roll shape Flat roll / waved roll

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