CAD-CAM Definitive CAD-CAM 3D Electrode Design System
DiproSOLID Loran

DiproSOLID LoranEasily creates electrode models that faithfully reflect the Loran pattern!

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Main Features

Effects of DiproSOLID LoranGeneral electrode design process flow

General electrode design process flow

DiproSOLID Loran


Supports all Loran patternsCreates electrode models compatible with angular, round, and spherical Loran patterns.


Simultaneously creates electrodes for roughing, semi-finishing, and finishing.Can simultaneously create electrode models for roughing, semi-finishing, and finishing.

Simultaneously creates electrodes for roughing, semi-finishing, and finishing.

Fully Automatic ExtractionAutomatically extracts all positions for discharge machining from the product model. This prevents discharge machining positions being overlooked.

Fully Automatic Extraction

Comprehensive Support ToolsEasily creates the electrodes you need in the machine shop, such as electrodes for machining corners and electrodes for pitch machining.
It is able to create electrode models that meet the needs of the machine operator while reducing manual work by the designer.

Comprehensive Support Tools

Comprehensive Support ToolsAssembling different electrodes into a single electrode creates the electrode model you require.
This reduces the number of electrodes and simplifies electrode design.



Interference CheckChecking the interference between the electrode model and product model reduces the need for reworking due to interference during machining.
The interference check includes the holder shape.

Interference Check

Motion SimulationA reliable interference check during motion achieved by the simulation of the electrode pitch feed and indexing axis rotation.

Motion Simulation

Applying Data to CAMCreates models for hole boring, cutting machining, and wire electrical discharge machining (pre-machining) at the discharge machining positions.
These models can also be used as the material models for DiproSOLID die sinker CAM or IntelligentQ3vicEDM.

Applying Data to CAM

Linking to DiproSOLID die sinker CAM and IntelligentQ3vicEDM ⇒ Direct Link to Machining siteAssembly models comprising electrode, product, and product material (workpiece) models created using DiproSOLID Loran can be used directly in DiproSOLID die-sinker CAM and IntelligentQ3vicEDM.
Moreover, DiproSOLID die sinker CAM uses the Loran pattern and the amount of electrode wear defined when the electrode was designed as the discharge machining definitions. This eliminates manual work and allows consistent data application.

Linking to DiproSOLID die sinker CAM and IntelligentQ3vicEDM ⇒ Direct Link to Machining site

Product Introduction with Video Clips
「DiproSOLID Loran」

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