CAD-CAM CAD-CAM 3D Solid Die Sinker CAM System
DiproSOLID Die-sinker CAM

CAD-CAM 3D Solid Die Sinker CAM SystemFully Exploits 3D Design Models to Significantly Reduce the Burden on the Operator
CAM System for the Machine Shop that Eliminates Human Error

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Main Features

Extract the Machining Positions from the ModelExtract the Machining Positions from the Model

No basic errors!

Positioning of Workpiece and Centering of Workpiece and ElectrodeThe centering measurement points are determined from the 3D solid model, which eliminates incorrect entry of coordinates.
This provides a powerful tool especially in machining processes using multiple electrodes in an ATC.

Click the mouse on the model to specify the centering measurement point.

Compatible with Various Machining MethodsDiProSOLID is compatible with machining including roughing, semi-finishing, and finishing with a single electrode at multiple processes, and pitch machining while moving an electrode with multiple discharge positions.

Multi-Step Electrodes
Multi-Step Electrodes

Pitch machining
Pitch machining

Optimal Machining ConditionsThe workpiece shape determined in the STL data output from a 3D solid model or cutting simulation is used to calculate the discharge projected area at each machining depth and investigate the optimal machining conditions.

Optimal Machining Conditions

Optimal Machining Conditions

Electrode Dimensional CorrectionThe system corrects for dimensional errors that occur during electrode manufacture.
Corrections are made in the X, Y, and depth directions for each electrode.

Electrode Dimensional Correction

NC ProgramCreates an NC program that includes all workpiece positioning, electrode centering, and machining.
During the centering process, if the difference (actual measurement error) exceeds the tolerance, centering is halted to prevent errors.

[Model dimension + wear × 2] - [measured value](actual measurement error) < tolerance ⇒ machining!!
NC Program

NC SimulationSimulation of the processes from centering to machining allows dry runs to be eliminated to significantly reduce the check work before starting machining.

NC Simulation

Creates Machining InstructionsCreates machining instructions in HTML format from the defined machining information.
Referring to the machining instructions at a PC terminal in the machining site allows easy, error-free setup work.

Creates Machining Instructions

Run-On MachiningCreates an NC program for run-on machining from the measurements after machining.

Automated System SupportThe combination of an ATC, APC, 3D measuring device, and Mr. Sodick (machining process scheduling system) supports the configuration of an automated system.

Automated System Support

Product Introduction with Video Clips
「DiproSOLID Die-sinker CAM」

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