Production Location

Thailand (Bangkok plant)


The Thailand Plant was established in 1988 as the main manufacturing force for the Sodick Group.

From machine casting to manufacturing and all the way to final inspection, this plant is a total manufacturing plant which also manufactures important key components such as linear motors, printed circuit boards and ceramic parts.
With a design department that uses 3D CAD and a precision assembly department with approximately 50 technicians, we have combined the best technology with mature skills to achieve high accuracy and high quality.

Through continuous R&D efforts, production of new products, and new functions our Thai employees have acquired skill and knowledge and have an outstanding level of skill at the Thailand Plant.

In order to ship out the best products made by the best manufacturing system in line with the Sodick policy of "Create, Implement and Overcome Difficulties", our Japanese employees work together with the Thai workforce every day.

Side view of main entrance
Side view of main entrance
Show room
Show room



Sodick (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Address 60/84 Moo 19, Soi 19, Navanakorn Industrial Estate Zone 3, Phaholyothin Road., Klongneung, Klongluang, Pathumthani 12120, Thailand
Tel / Fax Tel:+662-529-2450~6 / Fax:+662-529-2459


1988 November Established
1997 August ISO9002 : Acquired
2001 August ISO9001 : Acquired
2003 January 10,000 units completed
2006 January ISO 14001 : Acquired

Number of employees

About 1,200

Land size

97,600 m2

Production item

  • Wire-cut EDM
    (High-end models & special purpose machines)
  • Die-sinker EDM
    (High-end models & special purpose machines)
  • Various Industrial Machines


Factory inside view

Production line
Production line
Assembly of power supply
Assembly of power supply
Inspecting board
Inspecting board

Voices from the staff in Thailand

A fulfilling experience every day with over 1,000 employees in a giant factory.

Hisanori Tanabe (4 years in Thailand)

Sodick Thailand is located in an industrial park approximately 50km north from Bangkok.
Among a row of major Japanese corporations, our plant is an imposing plant with over 1,000 employees.

From linear motors, ceramics, sheet metal, to machining, resistance, transformers, circuit boards and wire harnesses, we do almost everything in-house.
When one of our customers visited our plant and saw how our workers dedicate themselves every day to improving their skills to produce the Sodick machines, they reflexively commented, “They mean business!”

Hisanori Tanabe
The person in the middle is him.

This is also a place where the Japanese staff and the Thai staff work together to design new machines.
That is how amazing our Thailand Plant is.

We, the Japanese staff, will work hard and stop at nothing to support our Thai staff. I am in charge of circuit boards and wire harnesses.
The special circuit boards and special wire harnesses used in Sodick machines have different specifications depending on the machine. We make various things in small quantities so there is so much to do every day; however, we work together to improve our production efficiency.
The work is challenging but we are full of energy and every day feels like a new day.

The Thai staff are all very friendly, invites me for dinner, always concerned when I’m faced with a problem. Small talk like, “Hey are you married?” or “That’s a nice watch." When I compare the people here to the people of Japan, I am amazed at how sincere they are and it’s no wonder Thailand is called “The Land of Smiles” are what you see here everyday. But I wonder why every time I return to Japan, they ask me over and over again to bring them something back from Japan…I believe they like Japan so much!

We also have annual company trips, Sports Day and year-end parties. Company trips with the Thai people let us know various sides of them than going on trips without them and it’s always great to spend time with them. On Sports Day, I look forward to the performance of the cheerleading team. Once a guy dressed up like a woman and it was hilarious. Everything goes so it’s a lot of fun.

At the end of the year, we all get together for the year-end party and we drink, dance and talk with the Thai staff and deepen our relationship.
My experience here at Sodick Thailand is a valuable experience I will cherish forever.

About Thailand

Thailand is roughly 1.4 times the size of Japan, and almost at the center of the Indochina peninsula it is located at north latitude 5゜ - 21゜, and longitude: 97゜ - 106゜. It is bordered to the north and west by Myanmar (Burma), to the northeast by Laos, to the east by Cambodia and to the south by Malaysia. 10% of the total population of Thailand (approximately 61 million people) lives in Bangkok, which is the cultural, education, political and economic center of Thailand. There are historical architectural styled temples everywhere and tourists visit from all over the world. The people of Thailand look similar to Japanese. It is not surprising that many Japanese are drawn to the Thai smiles in the Land of Smiles.

Climate The climate in Thailand is tropical. The average temperature throughout the year is approximately 28゜C. There are three seasons in Thailand, the hot season (March-May), rainy season (June-October) and the cool season (November-February).

Demographics Multiethnic. The number of children born to parents of different ethnicities is increasing.

Religion Over 90% of the people in Thailand are Buddhists. The government permits freedom of religion.

Industry Tourism, textiles, agriculture, beverages, tobacco, minerals for jewelry, electrical appliances and components, furniture, plastics, optical integrated circuits, tungsten (no. 2 in the world) and tin (no. 3 in the world).

Transportation All major towns in the northern and northeastern regions are connected to the capital city by an efficient railroad network.
Modern traffic networks are available throughout the country, which makes it possible to move from place to place in Thailand by bus. Air travel is another option and there are nine domestic airports in the northern region, seven in the northeastern region and eight in the southern region.
Local Time 2 hours behind Japan Standard Time (JST).

Holidays The number of holidays per year is almost the same as in Japan. With a five-day work week, government agencies, banks and general businesses are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Food From Thai food to Japanese, you can enjoy many different cuisines in Thailand. For approximately 180 Baht (JPY500) you can get a full meal. Local supermarkets offer Japanese vegetables, etc. since many products are made in Thailand. There is plenty of seafood and shrimp is a popular export to Japan. Beef, pork and chicken are also available locally. Japanese ingredients can easily be found at Japanese department stores and supermarkets.

Japanese people in Thailand There are approximately 20,000 Japanese expatriates residing in Thailand. The number is believed to be approximately 70,000 to 80,000 including the number of Japanese there on business trips,. There are about 1,200 Japanese corporations who are members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bangkok and there are many social groups for people from the same prefectures that offer many activities for their members.

Tourism The floating market, tom yum goong, Thai massages and Muay Thai are some of the many Thai things Japanese people are familiar with. The numbers of visitors from Japan will continue to grow.
  1. Beach Resorts
    Like the beaches of Phuket, there are many international resorts with beautiful emerald green waters and white sandy beaches with no obstructions and a playful atmosphere. Thailand is famous around the world for its great diving spots and you can also enjoy other marine sports such as jet skiing, surfing and fishing as well.v
  2. Golf
    With tropical greens and colorful flowers, you can enjoy a full golfing experience in Thailand. From flat courses to challenging ones, there are many courses to choose from. . Even better, though they are some of the best golf courses the world has to offer, you can enjoy them at a reasonable price.
Beach Resorts
Beach Resorts