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Fukui Factory (Fukui Office)


This plant was built in 1980 as a manufacturing center in the Hokuriku area on the Japan seaside.
Starting with manufacturing, this plant has various departments, such as Design, Research & Development, Manufacturing engineering, Training center, Application, Measurement room, Purchase department, etc. These different departments at the same site help to shorten the lead time from designing to testing the completed machines to meet with the rapidly changing industrial society. The production line is arranged in the buildings and designed not to be affected by external temperature change, such as solar temperature rise or winter coldness, which is suitable for manufacturing high-end machines.

Besides EDMs, this plant also has manufacturing facilities for High Speed Milling and a stockyard for KHS consumables.

Fukui plant)



Fukui Office
Address 78, Nagaya, Sakai-cho, Sakai city, Fukui Pref. 919-0598, Japan
Tel +81-776-66-8877


1980 June Established
1997 October ISO9002 : Acquired
2003 February ISO9001 : Acquired
2006年12月 ISO14001: Acquired
(Sodick Fukui Office / Sodick Hightech Fukui Office / Sodick F・A / Sodick CPC / Sodick DAC)
Environmental Policy, Accredited Certification (PDF 560KB)

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Land size

33,000 m2


Factory inside view

Production line
Production line
Application room
Application room

About Fukui pref.

This area has a long history, which originally grew as a castle city about 400 years ago, and is well known for farming (famous for delicious rice "Koshihikari"), tourism and of course industry, with some tourist spots. In the North direction is "Toujinbo" facing to the sea (10 minutes drive from the Sodick plant. In the Southeast direction is KAGA Hot Spring Resort" area ("Kaga Hot spring", "Awazu Hot spring", "Yamashiro Hot Spring" and "Yamanaka Hot Spring"), and also "The Eihei Temple" as well as textiles, China wares and spectacles frame, which are famous nationwide in Japan.

The history of "Awara Hot Spring" It is situated 10 minutes away from the plant by car. This hot spring was discovered when a man was drilling a well for irrigation to the paddy field in 1883 and hot water of 80 degrees celsius flowed out. The next year some hotels started the business utilizing this mineral water. In 1912 the train service started inviting many visitors to enjoy bathing in this healthy mineral hot water, resulting in being a famous "hot spring resort area".

The history of "Eiheiji temple" This temple was built in 1244 by the famous monk, Dogen Zenji, and also is a headquarters for "Japan Soto-shu", one of the major Japanese Zen sects. The temple site has a little over 70 buildings with many unaccountable tries of 700 years old in very quiet and cozy 330,000m2 precincts (about 30 minutes from the Sodick plant by car). This Soto-shu (the largest Zen sect in Japan) is an extension of the Chinese caodong, which was brought about to Japan by Dogen Zenji (1200 – 1253), and became known as the Soto school. It plays an important role in the minds of many people in North America and Europe as well.

(from Eiheiji website)
Maruoka Castle This oldest donjon among many castles in Japan, is situated 15 minutes by car from the Sodick plant, originally built in 1576 by Mr. Katsutoyo Shibata