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2000~ Challenge to NANO Level Accuracy

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:Products & Technology
2000 Apr
Started sales of the "S series" linear servo motor unit
Through a stock exchange, KHS Co., Ltd. became a wholly owned subsidiary company of Sodick
2001 Aug
Sodick Plusstec Co., Ltd. listed on the JASDAQ stock market
Developed the "NANO-100", the world’s highest class nano level precision processor
NANO Machine "NANO-100"
2002 Apr
Announced the "LQ series" NC power supply equipped with 3D solid model
Announced the “MC430L” ultra precision linear nano machining center
High speed milling machine "MC430L"
Established Sodick Korea Co., Ltd. in Korea
Completed ceramic-made, linear motor drive ultra-precision NC Wire-cut EDM “EXC100L”. Completed the “AP1L”, a small ultra-precision linear motor drive NC Die-sinker EDM
2003 Jan
Total shipments of linear motor drive machines (Die-sinker EDM / Wire-cut EDM / press machine / machining center) reached 5,000 sets
Sodick (Thailand) Co., Ltd. reached total shipments of 10,000 sets
Opened the Shanghai Technical Center in Shanghai, China
Suzhou Sodick Special Equipment Co., Ltd. reached total shipments of 2,500 sets since its operation
Developed and announced the “LQ33W”, the world’s fastest high speed Wire-cut EDM
The “LQ series” NC power supply with built-in 3D solid model became a standard feature and began sales of that unit
Developed and started production of the “AQ360L” and “AM360L“ 4-axis linear motor drive NC Wire-cut EDM, which are strategic models for the Chinese market
Started sales of the “PF00A / PF32A, the world’s first electron beam PIKA Finish Machine (EBM)”
PIKA Finish Machine PF32A
PIKA Finish Machine "PF32A"
2004 Apr
S & O Co., Ltd. changed its name to Sodick CPC Co., Ltd. to handle all Sodick business in China
Establish Sodick Deutschland GmbH (with a capacity of Europe Technical Center) in Stuttgart, Germany. Also, established Sodick Europe Ltd. in Birmingham, England
Started sales of the “AQ327L Premium series”, the world’s fastest high speed CNC Wire-cut EDM
AQ327L Premium series
"AQ327L Premium series"
2005 Jan
The world’s shortest linear motor drive machine (Die-sinker EDM and Wire-cut EDM, press machine, machining center) reached total shipments of 10,000 sets
Announced the “AP1L Premium”, a small ultra-high precision linear motor drive Die-sinker EDM
Announced the “Ultra NANO 100”, an ultra-high precision NANO machine, which features improvements over the “NANO-100”
Announced the “SPACE series” “AE 05” high precision nano EDM
Ultra high accuracy NANO EDM "AE 05"

Announced the “AQ15L” large size Die-sinker EDM and “AP500L” medium-size Wire-cut EDM
Announced the “SPACE series AZ 150” Nano machining center with ultra-high precision and high efficiency
Sodick Hightech Co., Ltd. listed on the stock market of Hercules of the Osaka Securities Exchange
2006 Apr
Announced the “AQ900L Premium”, a large size, high speed, linear motor drive Wire-cut EDM
Announced “Intelligent Q3Vic”, the world’s first artificial intelligence-assisted full automatic Wire-cut EDM CAM
Sodick Amoy Co., Ltd. opened in Amoy, China
A new office of Sodick Deutschland GmbH opened in the former East Germany
Extended the warranty on the machine accuracy of the linear motor drive Die-sinker EDM and Wire-cut EDM to 10 years
Announced the “Hybrid Wire” linear motor drive hybrid Wire-cut EDM. Made public Hybrid Wire, an integration of the Wire-cut EDM and water jet machines
The integration of Wire EDM and Water Jet machine, Hybrid Wire
The integration of Wire EDM and Water Jet machine,
"Hybrid Wire"
Announced the “SD3LR”, a 3-axis linear motor drive Die-sinker EDM specially designed for difficult processing materials and high speed processing