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About Sodick

About Sodick
The Spirit of
"Create, Implement and
Overcome Difficulties"
Over the years, we have focused our attention on every request from our customers and have taken on challenges and overcome technical obstacles with our customers no matter how difficult with the sole purpose of serving the customers’ manufacturing. If the means to overcome obstacles did not exist, we dedicated ourselves to create a solution. The linear motors and ceramics that revolutionized electric discharge machines, injection molding machines, and the V-LINE® System are all solutions which our company self-developed for solving customers’ problems.. These products are now the source of the competitive strength.
Our company name ‘Sodick’ derives from combining the phonetics of the Japanese words for “Create" (sozo), ”Implement” (jikko) and ”Overcome Difficulties” (kuro kokufuku), representing the spirit of Sodick promising to deliver the best product and to resort any means to respond to our customers’ needs.