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1980~ Technical Development & Remarkable Growth

:Business & Facilities
:Products & Technology
1980 Jun
Completed the Fukui office at Sakai-cho, Sakai, Fukui Prefecture as a main production center
Fukui office
Fukui office
Started sales of NC Die-sinker EDM in U.S.A.
Started development and sales of "Assist" software for NC Die-sinker EDM
Completed "PIKA-1" mirror surface finish circuit
1981 Jan
Started sales of NC Wire-cut EDM "330W" equipped with 5 axis control
Fukui office
NC Wire-cut EDM "330W"
1982 Jan
Developed and started sales of "8133" power supply for Die-sinker EDM with built-in 16 bit microcomputer. (The name was changed to "MARK III" in April 1982)
Developed special "VITOL" machining fluid for Die-sinker EDM
Started sales of FINE Sodick "A" series NC Die-sinker EDM
Completed new head office building (Shin Yokohama)
Building of new head office(Shin Yokohama)
Building of new head office
(Shin Yokohama)
1983 Mar
Announced new "Mark IV" and "Mark V" NC power supply units. NC power supply units was arranged in series
Started "National Sodick Dealer Association"
Developed the "NC EDM with 4-axis plus rotating main axis"
1984 Sep
Developed and announced a Small-hole Drilling EDM
Announced "PIKA 2" ultra fine finish circuit for wire cutting
Announced "A1C" NC Die-sinker EDM and also new "MARK VII" NC power supply
1985 Feb
Announced "EPOC" EDM series
Held a private show at Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Harumi), sponsored by the Sodick Eastern Japan Dealer Association
Announced new "MARK X" and "MARK XI" NC power supply, which enables a colored, interactive CTR display that displays Chinese characters. At the same time, each model series was rearranged
New Mark X NC power supply
New "Mark X" NC power supply
1986 Feb
Company listed on the section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Announced NC Die-sinker EDM equipped with "AP3S-ATC" 3D measuring device
Announced "DiPro X" (DiPro ten) automatic mold design and manufacturing system and "APM1" NC electrode milling machine
DiPro X automatic mold design and manufacturing system
"DiPro X" automatic mold design and manufacturing system
1987 Mar
Inaugurated the Kaga Factory, which features a flexible manufacturing system (FMS)
Kaga Factory
Kaga Factory
Announced the "A series" NC Wire-cut EDM and Gold type "Mark X" series NC power supply unit
Completed a ceramics production line in the Kaga Factory