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Technical Excellence that Only Sodick can Provide, Paving the Way for Ground-breaking High-performance Products

The machines produced by the Kaga Plant are unique products that support high-tech manufacturing and have contributed to technological growth. Here we traced the manufacturing processes.

Injection molding machines are capable of producing very large numbers of precision plastic products with the exact same shape.
These manufactured components are used in a wide range of sectors, including the automotive and medical industries.

What It Takes to Make a Product

Customers need injection molding machines with various different specifications. Design factors include what will be manufactured, what sort of environment it will be produced in, whether options need to be added to the standard machine, and if the machine is still not adequate to the task, how it should be customized. The Kaga Plant Design Division is divided into three departments: Machinery, Electrical Circuits and Software. All three departments are located on the same floor so that they can more easily collaborate on designs. It is rare for a product's specifications to be fully decided before design begins, and design progresses in line with the customer's requirements. We design products with specifications catered specifically to each of our client.

Manufacturing / Machining
Once the design is completed, the required components are purchased. While some components are acquired from Japanese or overseas manufacturers, the majority are manufactured by Sodick themselves, a particular feature of the our products. This applies especially to components such as plasticization screws, plasticization cylinders, injection cylinders and plungers. These components are vital to maintaining product quality in items made using molten plastic and are produced at the Kaga Plant. Products ranging from the very small to the very large are manufactured at the plant in accordance with their specifications. And having the components made within the plant allows us for speedier product delivery.

We assemble products based on the design drawings. Products can be 2 meters tall or more in the case of vertical injection molding machines, and 3 meters or more wide in the case of horizontal injection molding machines, but the spaciousness of the factory allows such large products to be lined up in rows for assembly. Because specifications generally differ from product to product, the factory floor may be dotted with even larger machines along with products that have been given special treatments, such as coatings, to meet the standards required by the recipient. In some cases the specifications will be changed during assembly, at which point the design supervisor deals with the changes.

Shipping Inspection
Completed products are thoroughly checked to ensure that they run correctly. The final checking is supervised by one person. There is an extremely large number of items to be checked on each product, and each item is carefully inspected over a period of 1 to 2 weeks depending on the product. If there is any uncertainty, the product is sent back up the line to identify the cause and remedy the problem. After product inspection is completed, the product is checked in the presence of the customer and then delivered.