The Art of Monodzukuri (Techniques for Creating Things)Electrical discharge machining technology


The electrical discharge technology plays an essential part of the mass-manufacturing lines running today. The technology was developed through years and years of sustained efforts and based on an invention inspired by God.

Sodick have developed a number of different
technologies designed to improve the performance
of the electrical discharge machines. These technologies have become indispensable in the manufacturing of the molds and dies that serve as the foundation for monodzukuri, a Japanese process for making things.

Electrical discharge machining technology
V-LINE Moved on to the development of a plastic injection molding machine in response to customer requests

放電加工の原理と電極無消耗回路、ローラン技術、NC装置、セラミックス、リニアモータ、モーションコントローラ 放電加工の原理 電極無消耗回路 ローラン技術 NC装置 セラミックス リニアモータ モーションコントローラ