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Sodick's Largest Domestic Factory
and the Base for Manufacturing Providing Consistency in Product Development, Assembly, and Shipment

Kaga Plant manufactures injection molding machines, referred to as mother machines, which are capable of mass-producing plastic products.
Sodick injection molding machines provide high-speed production of precision plastic components.
They are used in a wide range of applications, including parts for automobiles, medical equipment, smartphones and mobile phones.
The plant also manufactures some of the key components used to build other machines manufactured by Sodick.

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Factory Profile

The Kaga Plant was built in 1987 as an FMS manufacturing plant for EDMs based on the full automation concept. It was established as a manufacturing center for the Hokuriku region.
Ka-1-1, Miya-machi, Kaga City, Ishikawa, 922-0595 Japan
Site area
Kaga Plant : 98800m²
Horizontal injection molding machines, vertical injection molding machines, magnesium-alloy injection molding machines, machining centers, linear motors, linear motor drivers, CNC units, food machines, electron beam machines, Metal 3D Printers
Factory Landscape
  • Injection molding machines ready for shipment
    Injection molding machines ready for shipment
  • Machining factory
    Machining area
  • Machining centers
    Machining centers
  • Component manufacturing
    Component manufacturing
  • Training and education
  • Food processing machines
    Food processing machines