Factory VisitSodick Kaga Plant

Tell Us About It! Staff Interview

Mother Machines that Create Precision Components that Go from the Kaga Plant to the World

Once the design is completed, the components are purchased and
assembled according to drawings. When a product is completed,
it goes to final operation testing prior to delivery.
We talked to Mr. Kazuaki Takemura, who is now in his 6th year
carrying out adjustments for the testing of injection molding machines.

The Sodick injection molding machines use the original Sodick V-LINE® technology for injection (injection plunger) and plasticization (plasticization screw). By using one part to heat the plastic to a liquid state and another part to inject the melted plastic, the plastic can be measured out to a consistent density, preventing resin backflow and pressure loss during injection. This minimizes defects and helps to reduce costs. Sodick supplies mostly vertical and horizontal injection molding machines, delivering products that are tailored to the aims of the customer.

Tell us about the work you supervise.
Using a checklist, I test first and foremost that the injection molding machines assembled according to the design operate correctly. But I also check that they will work with the peripheral equipment at the site they are being delivered to, that they conform to the standards for the country where they will be used, such as Japan or China, and that they conform to the different standards set by each company.
What do you care about most in your work?

Quality first! Careless work is not permitted.

Well of course, product quality is paramount. It's really important to me that we make machines that our customers are satisfied with. The products provided by Sodick are sometimes standard machines with the latest advanced materials or components specified by the customer. Products like that sometimes throw up irregular issues that no-one could foresee. When that happens, we cooperate with the technicians or staff in the upstream processes to quickly identify and resolve the issues. The most important thing is to respond quickly and definitively to the needs of the customer.

When do you feel that your work is most rewarding?

Solve irregular issues with our team members

When I'm working on assembly or adjustment, I don't get the chance to hear directly from customers. But when a machine that I assembled 10 years ago comes back to the plant for maintenance, it really comes home to me that we are genuinely contributing to the customer's production, so then I feel really pleased about that. And when we get repeat orders from a customer, it's definitely rewarding to know that they were satisfied with the previous order.

  • Precision molding products we can manufacture with the machine
    Narrow pitch
    (FPC type)
    Connectors used in
    smartphones and
    notebook computers,

  • Narrow pitch
    (socket type)
    Connectors used in
    smartphones and
    notebook computers,

  • LED lensesLED illumination lenses

  • Camera shuttersShutter vanes used
    in cameras

  • WashersWashers used for
    extremely small screws