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Sodick America Introduction Mecca for leading-edge technologies!
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Sodick America that Plays
a Key Role in State-of-the-art
Technology Development

Sodick announced a die-sinker EDM featuring linear motors back in 1998, and we have sequentially introduced linear motors into other machines.
This resulted in an initiative to make our own motion controllers, and the base for this is Sodick America. The development location is located in San Jose, California, where renowned IT companies congregate in Silicon Valley. In this geographically great location, we perform development work through the compilation state-of-the-art information.

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Silicon Valley refers to the Santa Clara, Palo Alto, and San Jose areas in the suburbs of San Francisco, California. High-tech manufacturers concentrate in this basin region, which is densely populated by semiconductor industries, IT companies, and research laboratories. It is located some 40 minutes from San Francisco by car.

2180 Bering Drive, San Jose, CA 95131, U.S.A

February 2000

Business content
Development of motion controllers (KSMC-SILINK software
development) and development of NC units (KSMC-MALINK,
M4LINK software development).


Major Developments

Sodick America develops both software and hardware for the NC units that serve as the “brain” of Sodick products and the motion controllers that act as the “nervous system”. These technologies are mounted on the circuit boards inside machines, which are not normally visible. They are core parts for accurate machine operation.
We began the development of motion controllers at the time the company was founded, and developed the K-SMC in 2003. We then developed SILINK incorporating a LAN cable in 2007. Following this, we launched the newly developed M4LINK NC unit in 2013 after reviewing previous Sodick NC units. Moreover, we have recently commercialized Sm-ART software that links to M4LINK to provide the user interface.
Photos of the K‒SMC, SILINK, and M4LINK circuit boards and the major development details are presented below.

This is the first Sodick motion controller that was developed in-house since development location was set up at Sodick America.
A NC unit previously used by Sodick was used to develop novel motion controller software and hardware.
In 2003, the first machining center featuring this product was released. Subsequently, we released wire-cut EDMs and die-sinker EDMs incorporating K-SMC.
This is a motion controller that was commercialized in 2007. It uses a LAN cable to achieve 1 Gbps high-speed data transmission.
What's more, it allows several tens of cables connected to motors to be replaced by a single LAN cable, which greatly simplifies assembly.
This is the latest NC unit. It was commercialized in 2013, based on a concept that began in 2003.
Not just a motion controller, M4LINK incorporates all the motion controller technology developed by Sodick America, after a comprehensive review of the previous NC units developed and manufactured by Sodick over many years. It is currently installed in SL series wire-cut EDMs and TTI-400A machining centers. We aim to install it in all Sodick products.

Views of Sodick America

Views of Sodick America Views of Sodick America
There are no tall buildings,
with plenty of space around the office
Many companies dotted through a green environment
Views of Sodick America Views of Sodick America
Management department also provides solid support
for research and development
Testing on actual machines
Views of Sodick America Views of Sodick America
Display of company events Office that provides a great environment
to focus on development