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OPM250L Award

Sodick Linear Motor Drive Precision Metal 3D Printer Provides the One-stop Solution to Customers. Core-technologies for whole Manufacturing process are developed within the Sodick Group.

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* The picture shown may slightly differ from the actual machine.

Main Features

One Process Milling
The one process milling is the fully-automated manufacturing method of whitch Sodick newly propose. The machining enables the continuous process of melting by the irradiation of metallic powder with laser light followed by finish machining by milling with rotating tools. In particular, for die manufacturing for plastic molded products, complex shapes such as three dimensional cooling channels and deep ribs can be manufactured with this single printer.
Linear Motor Drive
The Sodick linear motor drive method is excellent in speed and positioning accuracy, and since there is no mechanical contact, it maintains high responsiveness, stability, maintainability and reliability over long periods. The performance of this linear motor demonstrates maximum performance in combination with the motion controller (K-SMC) which Sodick has developed over the years.
Original NC Unit and CAM
The Sodick in-house developed and manufacturedCNC unit, LN4RP, is used. A die with a built-in three-dimensional cooling channel is designed with CAD and a resin temperature simulation is implemented with CAE. NC programming with dedicated CAM, OS-FLASH, using the designed CAD data is followed by die manufacturing with OPM250L in a one-stop process.


  • Nikkan Kogyo Shimbunsha 57th(2014) New Products Best 10 Main Award
    Nikkan Kogyo Shimbunsha, 45th Industrial Machine Design Special Award “Nippon Brand Award”
    Good Design Award 2015


Max. object size W×D×H (mm)250 x 250 x 250
Axis X × Y × Z Travel(mm)260 x 260 x 260
Max. workpiece loading weight(kg)100
Max. laser output(W)500
Spindle rotation speed (min-1)6000 ~ 45000
Machine dimentions (w/o Peripheral equipment) L×W×H (mm)1870 x 2230 x 2200
Metal Powder *1~3ULTRA 21(Maraging steel)
OPM HYPER 1(Maraging steel)
CT PowderRange 718F(Inconel718)
CT PowderRange CCM F(Cobalt-Chromium)

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