AP30L is the linear motor driven die-sinker EDM featuring ultra-precision machining.
It achieves high speed and quality surface finish by adopting the stable EDMing system "Arc-less 4".


Main Award at the 61th (2018) Best 10 New Product Awards (Sponsor: Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun)


Overall temperature control

Developed to allow circulation of machining fluid and cooling liquid, and overall temperature control.

Changes in temperature affect extremely high-precision machining.
AP30L collectively manages all the ambient temperature changes and internal heat generation through the overall temperature control.

  • Optimum high rigidity mechanical structure by CAE analysis
  • Heating source complete separation structure
  • Machining-fluid temperature control system
  • Integrated with ceramic

Total Manufacturing Solution

Linear motor drive

Maintains extremely accurate positioning of ball screw-less for a long period.
Sodick has installed the linear motor into die-sinker EDM for the first time in the world and has more than 20 years of sales experience. Our linear motor control technology has many excellent features and has received high evaluation from customers all over the world.

  • High speed, high response
  • Three-axis linear motor drive (XYZ axis)
  • Sodick Motion Controller Technology (K-SMC)

Total Manufacturing Solution

Small high-precision CFRP spindle

Total Manufacturing Solution

With unparalleled technology and ultra lightweight, it shows extremely high performance in high speed jump.

  • Linear motor drive
  • CFRP enhanced slider
  • Symmetrical structure
  • Lightweight design for moving parts
  • Integrated with ceramic

High speed turning, high precision indexing CR axis (optional) (Absolute encoder adopted)
The built-in synchronous motor made by Sodick is integrated, has a small size and light-weighted. This new CR axis has a complete cooling structure and improves resistance to changes in environmental temperature.

Numerical control power source device LP4/LP40

Improves machining speed in all of rough machining, semi-finishing, finishing

  • Maximum machining current 20A (40A: optional)
  • 19 inch horizontal CNT
  • Utilities
  • AIM (AI maintenance function)

Arc-less 4 (discharge stabilized machining system)
Discharge state is maintained steadily, further speeding-up is possible. In addition, it realizes suppression of electrode consumption to the utmost limit, achieves a wide variety of processed surface quality ranging from satin finish to mirror finish, improves the performance of electric discharge machining.
TMM4 circuit (rough machining)
Improves machining speed of rough machining by short-pulse and high-peak current.
TPC4 control (semi-finishing)
Speeds up the semi-finishing machining with narrow gap.
BSN4 circuit (finish)
Speeds up in finishing area and equalizes the surface quality.

Sophisticated Applications based on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence technologies to maximize the potential of AP30L

  • Machining Condition Assist function - "LN Pro ADV"
    Based on the Sodick's 40 years experience in EDMing, the "LN Pro EDV" provides the ideal machining condition depending on the machining shape and plan.
  • Thermal Displacement Compensation System - "Thermal Commit"
    Temperature sensing of each part allows AP30L to adjust the machine to each season and user environment.
    The precision displacement compensation and various diagnostic functions realize high precision machining.
  • Artificial Intelligence Maintenance Function - "AI Maintenance"
    The machine diagnose the influence of machining real-time by recording the machine temperature change.
    This maintenance function leads to the reduction of defective rate and improvement of traceability.

Optional ultra-precision equipment, maximum labor savings

Total Manufacturing Solution

AP30L Full-cover (Option)
The effect of disturbance is minimized by shutting off with outside air, and manpower saving in ultra-precision machining is possible.

*Picture is a built-in ATC-16S (option)