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Day 4: Lihai! (“Great!”) Night in Taipei! Touring Taiwan by Bicycle

Lihai! (“Great!”)
Night in Taipei!

Reaching the final stage of
the perfect Taiwan cycling trip

サイクリング Today's road has quite a few shoulders.
There are few traffic lights on the coastal road leading to Taitung,
and scenery on par with Hawaii's flows by. Major roads
throughout Taiwan have bike lanes, and cyclists can even ride
side by side in pairs on them.

高木監督Mr. Keith Takagi, who serves as the manager of Sodick's cycling club.
Club members are relieved to get the “Lihai” sign.
ドリアン South Seas fruits including sweet apples and the durian
(with less smell!).

sleeping like logs.A trio sleeping like logs. Well done!

We are now reaching the final stage of the perfect Taiwan cycling trip.
It was time for a brief rest at Sodick's Taipei office.
We gulped down our beer while devouring sausages and garlic, talking with a map at hand about memories of the trip so far and our plans for the next one.
Fried pig ears and grilled dumplings at a nearby shopping arcade. No matter how much you ate the cost was less than 1,000 yen.




The sense of fulfillment after having successfully cycled around Taiwan was indescribable. The Taitung scenery that had flown by popped up deep behind our eyes.
We were so grateful to everyone from Sodick Taiwan who lent a hand on this trip, as well as to Mr. Chen Chaoting from Sodick customer SDI and all the members of his cycling team.

Xie xie! (“Thank you!”) Zai jian! (“See you again!”)