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Interview with Marketing Manager Isabel Florence

Isabel Florence Isabel Florence Interview with
Marketing Manager
Interview Marketing Manager who effectively promotes Sodick manufacturing through the Internet and trade shows Interviewer: Miki Shimamura, caribou Inc.

Handling diverse tasks from Internet marketing
to running a trade show

Tell me what sort of work you do every day.

I manage the website and social networking (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter), publish mail magazines, perform search engine optimization, and manage pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.
Additionally, the Sodick Inc. sales staff carry an iPad and I create the content used on them. I also design advertisements and catalogs.
In addition to this, I plan and manage trade shows that Sodick participates.

Participating in important trade shows to promote Sodick’s high-quality manufacturing

So far what work was most memorable to you?

イザベル・フローレンス It was IMTS in 2014.
This trade fair is held once every two years but it takes one year to complete the detailed preparation work.
As the Sodick Marketing Manager, I played a central role and spent a lot of time on it. I designed the booth and created the materials.
After any single change I had to be really careful about all related things. I had to concentrate and it was stressful.
* IMTS is the International Manufacturing Technology Show. It is the top-class trade fair for machine tools in North America that is held every two years on even years. The show in 2014 was the 30th time it was held.
Over 1,500 exhibitors gathered in the MacCormick Place convention center, Chicago, Illinois, and the show attracted more than 90,000 visitors from the U.S. and overseas.

Elected to the show steering committee, she contributes to the industry as a whole.

I hear you were elected onto the organizer's steering committee for IMTS 2014.

Yes, this year I was involved with the overall running of the show, not just within Sodick.
One member was selected from 16 of the 1,500 participating companies, so there were 16 committee members.
We dealt with security and other matters involved in running the venue. Simultaneously we selected exhibitors and handled the price negotiations too.
By working on the committee, I felt I contributed to the industry as a whole and it was a great personal milestone for me.

All the more joy when hard work is rewarded.
Each with their own tasks, they work toward their goal together.

What is the atmosphere like at your workplace?

イザベル・フローレンス Unlike a major corporation, Sodick Inc. is small enough to know everyone’s name and face.
So, we all understand each other and there are no chasms between departments.
We each have our own duties but it feels like we work as one large team.
Such a work environment where communication is so smooth makes it easy to discuss things and has a good effect on our work.

When do you feel that your job is worthwhile?

I think it’s when the trade show is successful.
When I saw the actual booth I had been working on or when something I’d designed was displayed prominently at the 2014 show, I felt happy that I had been rewarded for all my hard work.
Another time is when I finish creating a website and it is published.
I then feel a real sense of satisfaction when the number of hits on the site increases and it moves up the search engine rankings.
I handle search engine optimization myself, instead of outsourcing it.
Moving certain keywords up the rankings to increase the number of hits on the website is a critical tool to attract customers.

Has your way of marketing changed over the past four years?
And, what will you do next?

Since then, the marketing medium has shifted from paper to the Internet and this trend is gaining pace. The Internet is the main medium now.
It’s not enough for a company just to have a website. It needs to be continually updated with attractive information so that a lot of people view it.
Smart phones either, weren’t a large market previously either but it is becoming increasingly important and it is weighing in as a critical medium so I would like to give emphasis to support marketing on them in the future.