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Core Technology 04 Linear Motor

Linear Motor

Linear motor: The "muscles"of Sodick products

Achieved high speed, high precision movement and successfully cut energy consumption as well

About Linear Motor

It is said that linear motor demonstrates superiority in transition speed and positioning precision compared to ball screw motors. Also, since there is little machinery contact, it offers high response and long-term stability. Sodick has accumulated a wealth of technology on linear motors, including the know-how to design and produce linear motors that are best suited for various machines.


  • Capable of positioning down to 1nm in a precision machine, speeds of over 100m/min in high speed machines, and accelerating to over 5G in high acceleration machines
  • World's top-class cooling properties of AC cored linear motors
  • Achieved high response and high speed by combining motion controllers

Background of Development

General question on the process of linear motor development was how fast we can move 1 meter. However, Sodick began the research and development on our own with a quest to determine how fast we can move 1 micrometer. This development dramatically increased processing speed compared to previous methods and cut energy consumption. Additionally, we have focused on heat resistance to maintain high thrust ability, and are second to none when it comes to this function. Currently, the distance of movement has been further decreased down to 0.1 micrometer and we are now pursuing how fast we can move 0.1 micrometer.

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