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Development Philosophy

Development Philosophy

Developing in-house core technologies aiming for the world's best class manufacturing capability.
We create it if it does not exist.

"We create it if it does not exist." - This is the Sodick’s development philosophy. It is no exaggeration to say that problem solving is a daily occurrence at manufacturing sites. However, when trying to solve a problem, we always face a wall that cannot be climbed using existing technologies or products. To climb the wall, the only way is to create things by ourselves.

The "NC EDM (electrical discharge machine)" and the "Linear Motor Drive EDM" , which are now common at manufacturing sites everywhere, were all developed by Sodick to respond to our customers' passion of "creating valuable products to realize affluent society". Beginning with innovation in electrical discharge machines and represented by the phrase "Total Manufacturing Solution", Sodick's technological innovation stream has become a huge current of total support for every process related to manufacturing, from design to molded products.

We will continue listening to the voice of customers, always challenge our limits, and contribute to "the development of the creation of an affluent future" and skilled "manufacturing around the world".

President and Representative Director Kenichi Furukawa