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Precision parts machining for Medical, Aerospace and Cutting tools The most reliable linear motor driven Wire-cut EDM Improved surface finish supports variety of machining needs

  • vl400q

* The picture shown may slightly differ from the actual machine.

Main Features

No screw drive system
The no screw drive system, which uses a linear motor and linear scale, is the ideal drive method which maintains high-speed and high response semi-permanently. The initial positioning accuracy can be maintained for years and years; machine operators will everlastingly enjoy the remarkably reliable machining performance.
New power supply unit
The new power supply unit employs "Perfect Active Control" technology. It realizes high-speed processing of discharge control and motion control simultaneously. The "Heart-NC", automatic programming system, is installed standard which allows machining program procedure without experience.
The VL series are equipped with many advantageous functions as standard; such as, the advanced corner control system, automatic float control, new high quality surface finish circuit, and more. Moreover, Sodick’s in-house made superior ceramics are adopted standard for precision machining.



Work tank inner dimensions W x D (mm)860 x 690
Axis stroke X×Y×Z (mm)400 x 300 x 220
U x V axis travel (mm)80 x 80
Max. taper angle±15°(plate thickness:120mm)
Max. workpiece dimensions(During flushing machining)
W x D x H (mm)
830 x 610 x 215
Max. workpiece dimensions(During submerged machining)
W x D x H (mm)
830 x 610 x 200
Max. weight of workpiece(During flushing machining)(kg)500
Max. weight of workpiece(During submerged machining)(kg)350
Wire electrode diameter (mm)0.1 ~ 0.3
Wire tension (N)3 ~ 23
Maximum wire feed rate (mm/sec)420
Distance from floor surface to upper surface of table (mm)900
Machine tool dimensions W x D x H (mm)2020 x 2310 x 1990 *1
Machine installation dimensions W x D (mm)2700 x 3080
Total unit weight(kg)2700 *2
Total power input3-phase 50/60 Hz 11 kVA

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