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Best selling Die-sinker EDM which realizes high-speed and high-performance by screw-less drive and arc-less machining

  • ag40l

* The picture shown may slightly differ from the actual machine.

Main Features

Linear Motor Drive System
Linear motor drive system is the most ideal mechanism which semi-permanently sustains high-speed axis-movements and instantaneous response.
New "LP2" Controller
The 5th generation electrical discharge technology "LP2" has adopted the "Perfect Active Control," enabling simultaneous control of high-speed electrical discharge and axis-movements by using serial communication technology of 1Gbit/sec.
Arc-less & High Quality Surface Finish
The new "Arc-less" electrical discharge system features further improved in machining performance, and ensures great reduction in machining time. Equipped with "SVC" circuit as standard, high-quality surface finishing, satin surface, and mirror surface can be achieved with great ease.

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Axis stroke X×Y×Z (mm)400 x 300 x 270
Max. weight of electrode(kg)50
Max. weight of workpiece(kg)550
Machine tool dimensions W x D x H (mm)1550 x 2440 x 2330 *1

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