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Electron-beam irradiation combines precision and surface strengthening in one process. In-house developed electron-beam Aperture enables maximum beam irradiation diameter of Φ60mm.

  • pf300s

* The picture shown may slightly differ from the actual machine.

Main Features

Electron-beam PIKA Surface Processing Machine
Electron-beam irradiation process works by rapidly repeating high heat and normal temperature exposure.
This results in surface reformation.
Extend mold longevity, improve corrosion resistance and mold release
Die and mold typically represents plastic molding, and electron-beam irradiation improves mold-release and shortens molding cycle time. It improves the sliding of press dies and highly effective in prevention of gas clogging.
Hot-forging die , reforming the surface by electron-beam irradiation strengthens the material to better withstand cracking, and greatly extends the usage-life of dies by improving thermal fatigure effects.
Cemented carbide, acrylic resin, zirconia ceramic. Potentiality foe wide-range of applications imaginabe.


Table SpecNC control
Machine tool dimensions W x D x H (mm)1040 x 1822 x 1800
Work size W x D x H (mm)300 x 300 x 100
Operational ambient temperature10~28℃
Power input(kVA)2
Beam diameter(mm)Less than 60 mm

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