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CSR Initiatives

Initiatives for the Environment

Promoting Efforts to Make the Most of Human Resources

CSR Initiatives

Thinking behind Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Based on our founding spirit of “Create, Implement, and Overcome difficulties,” the Sodick Group has adopted the management principle of contributing to the advancement of society by providing superior products and supporting the manufacturing of our customers. In order to achieve this, we work to address wide-ranging activities for CSR rooted in the practice of sincere business activities in line with the Sodick Group Action Guidelines for Corporate Ethics and Standards for Corporate Behavior (Compliance Guidelines). We feel that the most important elements for this are complying with laws and social norms, as well as constantly engaging in management that is transparent and easy to understand for all of our stakeholders, including each and every one of our shareholders, investors, customers, and employees.

List of ESG Issues and Initiatives

Item Main initiatives Actual activities
Environment Promoting and developing environmentally-friendly products
  • Promoting environmentally-friendly products Tsubame Wire Plus, Eco-Ion R, Eco Filter SHF-25R
  • Developing environmentally-friendly products CIP Fully Automatic Noodle Boiling Machine
Green procurement
  • Promoting green procurement
Reducing CO2
  • Installing solar power at our head office and Sodick F.T’s Miyazaki Office
Social Promoting diversity
  • Encouraging women in the workforce (taking maternity/childcare leave and being reinstated afterwards)
  • Making the most of global human resources
  • Hiring disabled workers
  • Hiring senior citizens (introduction of 65 year-old retirement age and reemployment system)
Creating a comfortable workplace environment
  • Offering job training
  • Encouraging employees to take paid vacation
  • Initiatives for safety, sanitation, and disaster prevention
  • Well-rounded benefits packages
  • Training for new employees, etc.
Contributing to local communities
  • Social and cultural activities
Governance Strengthening corporate governance
  • Setting in place corporate governance structures
  • Enhancing internal management
  • Strengthening management oversight functions
  • Improving the transparency of management
  • Holding dialogues with stakeholders
  • Setting in place structures to promote CSR

Thinking behind Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR Promotion Structure and Initiatives for Disseminating CSR Activities Internally

Sodick established our CSR Promotion Committee, which is chaired by the president / representative director, in the March 2017 fiscal year. The CSR Promotion Committee is led by the management division at the head office, and systematically promotes CSR activities by setting targets related to CSR centered around important themes like compliance, contribution to social, fostering human resources, quality control, and the environment, and by going through the PDCA cycle. This is designed to promote CSR activities in a systematic manner through the combined efforts of the entire company.

Now in the December 2017 fiscal year, which marks the second year since its launch, the committee has implemented specific measures to enhance things like information disclosures and dialog with stakeholders in response to existing challenges for CSR activities, based on which it has examined specific measures to further enhance these in the future.

Moving forward, the committee will continue to plan review sessions in aiming to revitalize and enhance CSR activities, while also working to inform all employees of this and promoting initiatives for disseminating such activities internally.

Overview of Our CSR Promotion Structure


Structural Diagram


Initiatives for the Environment

The Hokuriku region where Sodick has a production base is a place where traditional culture lives in symbiosis with beautiful natural surroundings. In our work of developing and manufacturing so many products in this well-favored region, we have come to see that treating the natural environment with care is a practice that leads to richness in the lives of the people in itself.

Sodick’s Policies and Structures

At present, Sodick has set in place an Environmental Policy and has acquired ISO 14001 certification for its Kaga Office and Fukui Office, as well as for all of its sales offices throughout Japan. To continue making improvements in terms of our environmental impact, every year we reassess our Environmental Policy and enact particular topical issues and objectives for it. At the QVP+ Global Presentation Event* held annually by the Quality Assurance Department, representatives from each department and group company detail the results and items meriting reassessment from the previous fiscal year in regard to the environment, as well as quality and safety. They also declare their respective unit’s targets for the new fiscal year and share their courses of action. This is connected to continuous improvements that also take medium- and long-term targets into account.

  • QVP+ Global Presentation Event: “QVP” stands for Quality Victory Plan.” This annual event is for the various departments to look for ways to make improvements in the areas of quality, the environment, and safety in keeping with the policies and targets set down by the president.

Environmental Policy

Sodick’s Policies and Structures

Structure for Promoting Environmental Concerns

Sodick has created a structure for promoting environmental concerns around the three core pillars of quality, the environment, and safety.

Promoting Green Procurement

Initiatives for Reducing CO2

Sodick is setting our focus on using natural energy. Solar power systems have been installed on rooftops at our head office and at the Miyazaki Office of Sodick F.T. The solar cells at the head office have a capacity of 49.88 kW, while those at the Miyazaki Office operate at 800 kW. We are also making efforts to sell the electricity generated via solar power at our head office, thus illustrating the multifaceted approach to environmental conservation that we are pursuing.
What is more, Sodick’s head office and offices have all adopted LED lighting produced by Sodick LED Co., Ltd. The Kirameki SL-series LED light consumes approximately half the power of a normal fluorescent light, resulting in an approximately 210 kg reduction in CO2 emissions annually based on continuous 24-hour-per-day use. This is equivalent to the amount of CO2 that about 19 beech trees absorb.

ソディック エフ・ティ宮崎事業所 社屋屋上の太陽光発電システム
The rooftop solar power array
at the Sodick F.T Miyazaki Office
エネルギー使用量推移 CO2換算
Trends in our energy consumption
(converted to CO2)

Promoting Green Procurement

In May 2000, the Japanese government enacted the Act on Promoting Green Purchasing. This law was established to actively promote green procurement based on the perspective that demand-side initiatives were of equal importance to supply-side initiatives when it comes to forming a recycling-oriented society. It encourages procurement that puts priority on goods with a small environmental impact while still bearing in mind the unique features of a given business, the strength and durability required, the preservation of functionality, and cost considerations.

Our Green Procurement Standards took effect in November 2017, and prescribe selection criteria for suppliers and the items procured. These also clarified the activities and surveys needed in order to fulfill our Green Procurement Standards. What is more, we carried out a survey on our suppliers targeting locations within Japan in February 2017, and our overseas locations in March 2017. We also established a structure that can handle situations like when earthquakes occur or when issues arise with improving data from manufacturers.

In conjunction with this, Sodick is creating its own ERP-linked harmful chemical substances control system (SHCSCS). This enables the company to control whether or not our products contain harmful chemical substances in a systemic way. The Procurement Division, General Affairs Department, and Quality Assurance Department will be working hand-in-hand to thoroughly investigate whether any materials that we newly purchase in the future contain harmful substances.

Activities and surveys needed in order to fulfill our green standards

  • Distributing copies of the Green Procurement Standards
  • Distributing lists of hazardous chemicals
  • Distributing and collecting survey sheets (survey request response forms for chemicals that impact the environment (certificates attesting that such chemicals are not used))
  • Distributing and collecting evaluation sheets related to environmental conservation
  • Distributing and collecting certificates attesting that designated chemical substances are not contained in products
  • Distributing and collecting utilization reviews concerning regulations on disclosing conflict minerals
  • Distributing tables of exemptions to the RoHS2 directives
  • Collecting Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Promoting Environmentally-Friendly Products

Sodick is actively working to come up with products that are environmentally-friendly.

We have been making every effort to reduce waste by offering such ecofriendly or recyclable products as the Tsubame Wire Plus, the world’s first product adapted to used-wire recovery systems; the Eco- Ion R, whose construction permits the main component to be washed, its functions restored, and the unit to be reused; and the Eco Filter SHF-25R recyclable filter.

What is more, Sodick works to develop environmentally-friendly products. The CIP fully automated noodle boiling machine from our Food Processing Machinery Division offers improved cleaning performance over that of conventional machines, which boiled water using indirect piping, because in this device steam is pumped directly across the bottom of the tub used for boiling to heat the water and bring it to a boil. Furthermore, the device can reduce the amount of water supplied and discharged by reusing the water discharged from the tub to resupply it. In addition, employing a waste heat recovery system that reuses the boiling water made it possible to greatly reduce the amount of steam used. Reducing the amount of steam contributes to both energy conservation outcomes and reducing CO2 emissions.

Promoting Environmentally-Friendly Products
Tsubame Wire Plus
The world’s first product in this area adapted to used-wire recycling systems.
Built using high-quality and high-precision production processes to offer superior straightness and an extremely smooth sur face qualit y. It fully elicits machining performance that is highly reliable.
Eco-Ion R
Suited for long-term machining with its extended operating life. Its 18-L capacity is approximately twice that of conventional types. The “canister” itself is replaceable, so there is no need to do the work of refilling the resin. The product is environmentally friendly.
EcoFilter SHF-25R
Inherited the performance of our extended life SHF-25E model. Its operating life is approximately twice that of conventional products (compared with Sodick’s HF-25A). Type of filter with a structure that allows for disassembly (filter paper and outer frame). Depending on the rental contract, the product can be put into the distribution cycle and collected.

Promoting Efforts to Make the Most of Human Resources

Since our founding, Sodick has expanded its businesses under the motto of “Create,” “Implement,” and “Overcome Difficulties.” The very mettle and ability to take action that each and every one of our employees possesses provides the backbone for this endeavor. All of our employees - not only technical staff, but also sales and management-maintain a high level of motivation at their respective stages in the process and are actively engaged in their work as specialists.

The diversity of our workforce, with employees offering different perspectives and values, is conducive to further globalizing our business. Based on this thinking, Sodick is promoting efforts to employ a wide-ranging workforce that includes foreigners, the disabled, and senior citizens. Furthermore, we are also working hard to create an environment in which women can continue to flourish even after they marry and have children.

Promoting Diversity

Hiring Senior Citizens

In April 2013, the government enacted the Revised Act on Stabilization of Employment of Elderly Persons. The law’s objective is to create environments in which senior citizens can continue to work based on their desires and abilities, at the very least until they have reached the age at which they qualify to receive their pensions.
Starting on April 1, 2018, we uniformly set the retirement age as the first March 31 after the employee’s 65th birthday, and also introduced our Senior Program which allows workers to select a diverse array of work styles at the age of sixty. After workers turned sixty, we limit factors like working hours, the number of work days, the content of work, and work locations in response to various changing circumstances for the employees, thus setting in place an environment in which they can work with peace of mind. We are striving to revitalize our organization by achieving dual-track career courses by giving consideration to extending the retirement age, career planning for each individual employee, and our company’s strategy for human resources in a comprehensive manner.

Encouraging Women in the Workforce

Sodick is working to create an environment that allows employees to balance work with child-rearing so that everyone in its workforce can fully demonstrate their abilities. It is giving the matter close attention, taking such steps as setting up a variety of special measures that enable employees who take maternity or childcare leave to return to the departments and positions they held prior to going on leave. This system has allowed a high percentage of female employees to take maternity or childcare leave. One man and four women (total five people) opted to do so in the previous fiscal year, and all of them have returned to their positions and are again playing an active role in their respective departments.

An action plan has also been drafted with the goal of enabling female employees to fully demonstrate their abilities in a variety of fields. The percentage of new graduates hired between 2015 and 2017 that were female stands at 24.5%. Sodick will actively continue its efforts to hire women and put together a working environment that enables them to remain in the workforce, providing them ̶ and all employees ̶ the support to achieve their desired work-life balance.

A female employee engaged in research
One of the female employees working
at Sodick also has her sights set
on competing in the Paralympics

Making the Most of Global Human Resources

Sodick was quick to adopt a global perspective in developing its business. More than 70% of its employees are currently working overseas, and the company has also actively sought out non-Japanese hires. Having foreign employees will be absolutely indispensable for our efforts to further globalize our business in the future.
Understanding their perspectives and thinking is extremely important when it comes to understanding the unique characteristics of each part of the world. This is also conducive to promoting the strategies pursued at our overseas sites and in developing and strengthening our marketing networks. We are also striving to hire locally for executive positions at our overseas sites as part of our overall goal of making good use of global human resources. Women are also serving as presidents at some of these overseas locations.
We are also working hard to increase the number of global human resources.


Hiring Disabled Workers

Sodick affiliate Kibi NC Training Center Corp. is an enterprise that uses the latest machine tools to conduct skills-development training for the physically disabled with the goal of helping them to become socially independent. Sodick itself is also making efforts to actively hire disabled persons and create an environment that promotes such hiring goals broadly in order to provide them with stability. We are also working on improvements to the work environment such as installing a dedicated parking lot for disabled workers at our Kaga Office and making our multi-factory barrier-free.

Since Kibi NC’s founding,
81 trainees have completed the course
and are now playing active roles
at worksites around the country
One of our employees working
at Sodick who graduated from Kibi NC
has competed in the Paralympics
as a track and field athlete

Creating a Comfortable Workplace Environment

The organization of the workplace environment is closely connected to improving awareness among employees regarding their jobs. At Sodick, we are working to achieve a workplace environment where all employees can stay highly motivated and work with peace of mind. Maintaining a favorable workplace environment serves to keep new hire retention rates high and create a foundation that makes it easy to nurture superior human resources.

We are also focusing our energies on creating an employee training system to help individual employees further develop their abilities. Through employee training in a variety of fields and nurturing a global workforce via overseas training for new hires, our aim is for employees to acquire the know-how and skills to serve as driving forces for the company in the future. Furthermore, Sodick has also adopted stratified training methods in which trainees are broken up into groups based on their number of years of service and type of position, as well as internet-based e-learning for employee education and corporate training.

Encouraging Employees to Take Paid Vacation

Sodick has designated specific Saturdays as days for which we encourage employees to use their paid vacation time and actively encourage them to take days off. Doing so creates a virtuous cycle, as they are refreshed from taking the break and thus tackle their work with renewed motivation.

Initiatives for Safety, Sanitation, and Disaster Prevention

Ensuring that the employees who underpin the company stay healthy in mind and body and can work in an energetic manner is a crucial factor when it comes to the company’s growth. Creating a management structure and providing safety and sanitation training that conform to the Industrial Safety and Health Act protects our employees from dangers and health impairments in the course of their work, and also prevents occupational injuries. The company is focusing its efforts on initiatives for not only the physical, but also mental wellbeing of our employees, and is working to create follow-through structures to prevent mental and physical disorders from arising.
Sodick has also adopted a Compliance Helpline (whistle-blowing system) with the objective of preventing and rapidly responding to wrongdoing or unethical behavior perpetrated by employees or corporate officers. We have also set up and operate internal and external points of contact for addressing such matters.

Initiatives for Health Management

Sodick will adopt the Employee Assistance Program in order to practice health management. We have established contact points not only within the company but outside as well for people to receive consultations about their mental and physical health, harassment, and other topics.
Through this, we have established a structure where people can receive care before things get out of hand as we focus on setting in place a work environment where employees can work with peace of mind.

Well-Rounded Benefits Packages

Sodick makes efforts to fully round out our benefits packages and relevant facilities so that our employees can attend to their duties without worrying about their daily lives or health.

As part of this, the company offers financial incentives of 20% from its employee stock ownership association system, provides regular health examinations, and offers financial assistance for cancer examinations using positron emission tomography (PET), which is a treatment technique that has recently been much talked about, among other benefits.

Also, in terms of facilities for employees to refresh themselves, Sodick has resort houses in Yatsugatake and Miyazaki, and has concluded corporate contracts that allow for preferential treatment at designated theme parks and similar facilities. Club activities are also actively carried out, including clubs for tennis, marathon running, cycling, futsal, badminton, and golf, which are useful for stimulating interactions with employees from other departments.

Nobeyama Resort Village
Nobeyama Resort Village