Travels of SodickSodick Europe Ltd. (U.K.) : A central base for Europe

Work is underway on construction of the new office building as we move to a further strengthening of our sales channels

Sodick sells and services machine tool products, mainly electric discharge machines (EDM), in the European region. The base for this operation, Sodick Europe, is located in the city of Coventry in the West Midlands of England, in the UK. From the 19th century to the early 20th century, Coventry prospered as a center of the automotive industry, and it is from there that Sodick covers the whole of Europe.

Sodick Europe Ltd.(U.K.) Profile

Sodick Europe Ltd. (U.K.)はここ

Rowley Drive, Coventry, CV3 4FG, England, U.K

May 2004

Land size
1,486.4486 m2

The Sodick Europe showroom

One such base, Sodick Deutschland GmbH, is located in Düsseldorf; this is another thriving industrial area along the banks of the Rhine.

Sodick Deutschland GmbH

In addition to the bases they have established in their respective countries, the Sodick sales companies in the UK and Germany have sales channels in Italy, Russia, and on the continent of Africa, and each base makes the most of its specific qualities and the track record it has built up, to provide our customers with optimum products and services.

The Sodick Deutschland GmbH showroom

Sodick Europe’s sales area

Sodick Europe Ltd.(U.K.)Christmas Party

Warwick Racecourse in the UK

Sodick Europe acted for the first time as a sponsor of two (the first and fifth) of the seven hurdles races that were run on November 21, 2018.

Warwick Racecourse, chosen as the destination for the company day-trip-cum-Christmas Party, is not far from the new office that is currently under construction.

The streets of Warwick are lined with historic buildings. In November Christmas decorations are already on display.

Concept design for the new office building

The new office building, being built with the aim of raising sales performance by 25%, will also have a fully-equipped training area for our European distributors; and in the showroom 14 machines will be installed.

In addition, as is fitting in England, a country famed for its gardens, the showroom will offer views of a traditional Japanese garden.
All our staff are looking forward to welcoming visitors to the company.

On this day, as a Christmas present the CEO of Sodick Europe, Peter Capp, gave the staff a tour of the new office building that is under construction, and shared with all the employees his vision for the future of the new showroom.

Inside the new office building currently under construction

That was followed by a truly enjoyable event; a Christmas party while watching the horse races being sponsored by the Company.
With many of the employees never having visited a racecourse before, the party was joined by Steve Ward, a friend of Peter’s who knows a lot about horse-racing. After receiving a few horse-racing tips, even the novices were raring to go.

The parade ring at Warwick Racecourse before the start of the race

One privilege of being a sponsor is having a close-up view of the racing

An invitation to the Owners’ Bar after the racing

Employees watching the racing intently

A fun time

Erick Le Rouge made his appearance in the parade ring with his jockey Chester Williams just before the start of the 5th race.
For almost all the Sodick employees, this was their first close-up look at a racehorse. Anticipating a win, they commended his stable hand.

A privilege of being a sponsor is being allowed to see the horses close up in the parade ring before the start of the race, pick out the horse that seems most splendid and commend its stable hand; it is an arrangement that allows the hard work of not only the jockey, but also the stable hand who takes daily care of the horse to be applauded. It is a proud opportunity for the stable hand, who receives a small allowance from the sponsor.

A photo taken just before the start of the 5th race: The eventual winner Erick Le Rouge with his jockey Chester Williams, his owners the Culerhill Racing Club and in the center, his stable hand Ms. Jane Williams.

Of the 7 racehorses entered in the 5th race, the horse picked by the Sodick employees as the best was Erick Le Rouge, who was able to win together with his stable hand and jockey. Incidentally, the racehorse picked before the start of the first race, Generation Gap, unfortunately hit the fence right out of the gate, fell and had to retire.

After the 5th race: The Culerhill Racing Club, owners of the winner Erick Le Rouge, received a commendation.

Many of the employees had never seen a competition sponsored by their own company; everyone was smiling as they watched the races and when after the races were over the logo of the company was projected onto a giant screen, loud cheers went up. It turned out to be a really exciting Christmas party.

The sudden appearance of the Sodick logo elicited cheers from the employees.

As an aside, horseracing in Britain is said to have started round about the time of the Roman Empire, and the foundations of modern horseracing rules were laid down by the Jockey Club, which was established in London in 1750. There is also a deep connection between horseracing and the British Royal Family: Royal Ascot, held each year in the third week of June at Ascot Racecourse which is owned by the Queen, has world-wide fame. During Royal Ascot, the news is full of smartly-dressed members of the Royal Family and celebrities watching the horseracing.

The 92-year-old Queen Elizabeth has been an enthusiastic lover of horses from the age of three, and it was reported last year that she still enjoys riding. In addition, the Queen’s daughter, Anne, the Princess Royal, has won many awards for her horse-riding and was the first member of the Royal Family to compete in the Olympic Games. Her daughter Zara won a silver medal in the London Olympics in 2012 as a member of the British Equestrian team. This was a day full of talk of horses and the British Royal Family.