Since its establishment, Sodick has been continuously investing in research and development in pursuit of the philosophy that the company's mission is to contribute to our customer's skilled manufacturing operations.
Sodick's support for this philosophy is a development spirit of making things if they do not already exist somewhere in the world.
This development spirit has been passed down to all of Sodick's products.
In this area of our website, we introduce Sodick's technologies from various angles.

  • Development Philosophy:世界最高水準のものづくりを目指し、Core Technologyを自社開発
  • History of Our Technology:放電加工から始まったソディックのHistory of Our Technology
  • R&D system:ソディックが推進する3極体制での開発

Core Technology

ソディックのCore Technology:世界最高水準のものづくりを目指し、Core Technologyを自社開発
  • Electrical Discharge Power Units
  • NC Units
  • Ceramics
  • Linear Motors
  • Motion Controllers
  • Programmable Logic Controller
  • V-LINE®System
  • Straight-Hydraulic  Mold Clamping System
  • Hybrid System