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New ERA of the Plastic Molding Revolution

Beginning of a New Era of Plastic Molding Revolution

The revolutionary performance of Sodick’s OPM Series of precision metal 3D printers enables manufacturing of molds (OPM molds) with built-in three-dimensional cooling channels, fundamentally changing how molds for plastic products are created.
The OPM Series lineup has been expanded by adding model OPM350L to the previously available OPM250L model. OPM350L supports larger milling sizes, and has been designed for faster milling. It has a new parallel mode function,extended continuous operation function, in-process compensation function, and CNC unit. The OPM Series is creating a new era in the manufacture of molds for plastic products. Using the OPM Series with the new MR30 manufacturing cell system for eV-LINE OPM molds enables a comprehensive range of outstanding labor-saving benefits. These benefits include maximizing the capabilities of molds with built-in three-dimensional cooling channels, improving productivity for molded products designed for small-lot/high-variety production molding, shortening lead times, and greatly reducing costs. Reaffirming our founders’ commitment to "Creating What We Cannot Find in the World," the Sodick Group is providing the latest all-in-one solutions by drawing on proprietary elemental technologies for all production processes.

OHight Quaulity and Hight Speed Metal 3D Printing


MRS unit (option, shown on right)

Bringing High-quality Milling at High Speed

The OPM Series models are fully automated metal 3D printers that attain a melting ratio of 99.9%. Metallic powder is spread uniformly (re-coating process), melted/solidified by a series of ten laser emissions, and then subjected to a precision cutting process with high-speed milling. These operations are repeated to create a 3D printed (layered) workpiece. The laser oscillator that the OPM Series models use to melt/solidify the metallic powder is a fiber laser with a 500 W output. The main spindle has a 45,000 rpm spindle that synergizes with Sodick’s original linear motor to provide high-speed, high-precision metal 3D printing. An automatic tool changer (ATC) and automatic tool length measuring device are installed to allow continuous automated operation over a long period of time.

Larger Milling Size

Larger Milling Size

Melting Ratio 99.9%

Melting Ratio 99.9%

OPM350L has maximum milling dimensions of 350 × 350 × 350 mm (W × D × H), and a maximum loading weight of 300 kg. It can print large workpieces with 2.7 times greater volume and 3 times greater weight than OPM250L. A retractable footboard and large aperture are provided as standard features, enabling the same ease of operation as OPM250L.

Milling Speed Improvement
Parallel Mode Function

Parallel Mode Function

The OPM Series comes with a parallel mode function, enabling simultaneous milling of multiple locations by controlling a single laser at high speed. A major improvement in fume collection capability also enables high-speed milling while maintaining high quality. Cavities and cores milled in the parallel mode can be created with built-in three-dimensional cooling channels, effective for high-cycle molding.

In-process Compensation

In-process Compensation

The newly-developed in-process compensation function periodically measures and compensates the relative positions of the laser axis and milling axis while milling. It minimizes the cutting allowance, and reduces the milling time and cutting time. It also optimizes the amount of metallic powder used for milling, effective for saving energy and enabling greener manufacturing and longer maintenance cycles.

Continuous Automated Operation for Extended Periods

Continuous Automated Operation for Extended Periods

Sodick has developed an optional MRS (Material Recovery System) unit to enable fully-automated metal 3D milling of larger workpieces. Excess material ejected during the re-coating process is automatically suctioned up and separated into cutting chips and powder. Screened material powder is automatically transferred to the machine, so the material powder is circulated endlessly and thus making long-term continuous automated operation possible.

Manufacturing Cell System Supporting Small-lot/High-variety Production

Sodick’s manufacturing cell system for eV-LINE OPM molds was developed to maximize the performance of molds (OPM molds) with built-in three-dimensional cooling channels created by OPM Series precision metal 3D printers. The OPM mold is incorporated into a cassette, greatly reducing mold replacement time. The system also includes all the functions needed for molding, creating an equipment environment made up of compact cell units.


All-in-one Structure

Sodick’s MR30 manufacturing cell system has an all-in-one structure consisting of an eV-LINE injection molding unit combined with all the peripheral equipment needed for injection molding. It has a compact design and low height, and saves space and energy. After the resin pellets (raw material) have been supplied to the tank, all processes (resin preheating, mold temperature control, injection molding, and product removal) can be done fully automatically. All the peripheral equipment settings can be made from the MR30 operation panel, greatly improving work efficiency.


Two Temperature Control Circuits

Two Temperature Control Circuits

MR30 comes with two temperature control circuits as a standard feature. They enable maximum use of the local cooling circuits created by the three-dimensional cooling channels built into OPM molds, minimizing cooling time. They are effective for high-speed injection molding of ultra-thin products or precision molding of miniature products.

Cassette Mold

Cassette Mold

The cassette mold can be used to support miniaturized/precision injection molding for small-lot/high-variety production. Inserting the OPM mold into the cassette mold is the only setup work needed, enabling optimized waste-free production matched to the production schedule.

1 Base mold 2 Cassette / 3 Cassette core / 4 Cassette cavity / 5 Molding machine nozzle / 6 Valve gate


Example OPM mold with built-in three-dimensional cooling channel: Waterproof connector mold

The divided components of conventional molds can now be produced as one-piece units. Cooling channel positioning can also be optimized in ways not possible with conventional equipment. These benefits optimize the molten resin material flow, while reducing cooling time and improving stability during mold release.

Waterproof connector flow analysis

Major reductions in mold production lead time and molding cycle time


Machine Specifications

  OPM250L OPM350L
Max. object size (Width) × (Depth) × (Height) 250×250×250mm 350×350×350mm
X-axis travel 260mm 360mm
Y-axis travel 260mm 360mm
U-axis travel 260mm 344mm
Machining tank internal dimensions
(Width) x (Depth)
290×290mm 390×390mm
Spindle Z-axis travel 100mm
Max. workpiece loading weight 100kg 300kg
Nitrogen supply capacity 90NL/min 90NL/min
Machine tool dimensions
(excluding peripheral devices)
1870×2230×2200mm 2020×2485×2220mm
Machine tool weight (excluding peripheral devices) 4500kg 5800kg

Metal Powder

OPM ULTRA1(Maraging Steel)
OPM Stainless 316
OPM Stainless 630
  • *Metallic powder used with OPM350L. For details, contact the sales department.


  OPM250L OPM350L
Laser type Yb fiber laser
Laser wavelength 1070nm
Max. laser output 500W 500W (1000W:specification optional)
Laser scanning Galvano method

Spindle / Automatic Tool Changer

  OPM250L OPM350L
Max. spindle rotation speed 6000~45000min-1
Max. spindle torqu 0.8Nm
ATC tool holders 16 20
Tool holder system Dual-contact shrink fir holder


  OPM250L OPM350L
Control axes 6 axes (X, Y, Z, U, B, Spindle)
Simultaneous control axes Max. 4 axes
Minimum input command 0.1μm
Minimum drive unit 0.031μm


  • MRS unit
  • 3-light signal tower
  • External transformer
  • 100 VAC outlet
  • Air dryer (primary side)
  • Air tank
  • Material-restricting bellows (rectangular type)
  • 3-phase input cable
  • Shrink fitting device (Heat Robo)
  • Base master
  • Point master
  • Set of pin cushion parts
  • Power sifter (unneeded when using MRS unit)
  • Sifter (unneeded when using MRS unit)
  • Sifter tray lid set (unneeded when using MRS unit)
  • Laser eye protection
  • Filter replacement dust mask
  • Filter replacement dust mask filters
  • Tool cutter
  • Demagnetizer
  • Magnetic flux density meter
  • Vertical probe (for magnetic flux density meter)
  • Industrial vacuum cleaner (for metallic powder;unneeded when using MRS unit)
  • Silent cleaner (for fume cleaning)
  • High-power cleaner (for floor cleaning)
  • Initial processing tool set
  • Laser inspection
  • USB memory
  • Large container (for fume collector cleaning)
  • Fume collector electrode (spare)
  • Activated carbon (for replacement)
  • Sintered metallic element (spare)
  • Protective synthetic quartz glass (spare)
  • Slide seal A (spare)
  • Blade acute (spare)
  • Blade acute (ceramic)
  • Fume collector activated carbon catalyst
  • Three-in-one multi dry filter (standard on overseasmodels)
  • * Only Sodick-specified metallic powder materials can be used.
  • * Some metallic powder materials require the use of a Sodick-recommended base plate.
  • * Use of the OPM Ultra 1 or OPM Stainless 316/630 metallic powder materials requires a work environment conforming to health and safety laws (in Japan, the Ordinance on Prevention of Hazards Due to Specified Chemical Substances of the Safety and Health Law).

Mold Clamp

Maximum clamping force 294kN
Tie-bar interval 360×360mm
Daylight (mold thickness + stroke) 625mm
Mold thickness 455mm
Ejector stroke 50mm

Plasticizing/Injection Unit

Screw diameter 25mm
Plunger diameter 22mm
Maximum injection pressure 180MPa
Theoretical injection volume 27cm3
Maximum injection speed 150mm/s
Plasticizing capacity 15kg/h

Machine Dimensions / Weight

Machine dimensions
(L × W × H)
Machine weight 2000kg