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Food Machine


We challenge various fields of food manufacturing
with our refined technical capabilities.


Cooling Device of Granule Powder

NEW* Based on research by Sodick.
  • Realizes much higher efficiency than conventional cooling methods

Powder cooling device for controlling the temperature of powder particles. Rapid cooling ensures stable quality.

Belt Conveyor for Food Inspection (with LED Light)

  • Discriminate foreign objects and hair with high illumination

The LED light is irradiated from directly under the inspection conveyor to help prevent foreign matter contamination.

Tray Feeder

  • Automatic supply of various trays

Adopt suction conveyor. Can be removed one by one without being affected by slight irregularities on the bottom of the container tray.

Pressure Sterilizer

  • Sterilized at high temperature and pressure

Food materials can be sterilized in a very short time with high-temperature saturated steam exceeding 100°C.

CIP mixer

  • Hygienic with automatic cleaning

From mixer cleaning to Water wash. The concept of cleaning changes. Entering the era of washing noodle machines.

Vacuum Z Kneader

  • Differentiating mixing

For low and high to multi-hydrated noodles, finishes with high density and high quality dough without spots.