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Notice Regarding the Start of Broadcasting “The Art of Sand” Product Advertisement TV Commercial Using the Theme Song from “Tetsuwan Atomu” [Astro Boy]

Sodick began airing the "Shooting Star" television commercial in November 2015. Using the theme song from the 1960s animated television series "Tetsuwan Atomu" (released overseas as "Astro Boy"), this corporate advertisement fused the series' world view with Sodick's motto, "Creating What We Cannot Find in the World." As a manufacturer of machines used in integrated end-to-end manufacturing ("monozukuri") processes, Sodick is a business-to-business corporation whose customers are primarily manufacturers in Japan and around the world. We aim to highlight our brand by showing through this commercial just how much the age that was but a dream when depicted in "Tetsuwan Atomu" has already arrived through innovations in machine technology.

In July 2016, as a product advertisement that presents our precision metal 3D printers in all respects, we presented our world view of the wonders of "Creating What We Cannot Find in the World" in video form by creating an ukulele with one of our printers and then showing it being performed for real.

Starting in January 2017, we begin airing "The Art of Sand" television commercial focused in all respects on our new product, the Linear Motor Drive Precision Metal 3D Printer OPM350L. The commercial fuses a desert with the world inside the 3D printer to show the light of the printer's lasers creating a replica of The Hummingbird from Peru's Nazca Lines.

The narration and performance is provided by actress and Sodick brand ambassador Yuika Motokariya. Ms. Motokariya beautifully and vividly expresses the sense of the place as she stands in this magical world where the light shining on the desert gradually produces a molded object. The milling of The Hummingbird gradually becoming clearer in the video, the wondrous carving extending to finest of details, and Ms. Motokariya's line in the narration about "The future we did not know is here" all express the limitless possibilities of the OPM series.

The Storyline of the Commercial

Ms. Motokariya is shown in a dress walking forward in a desert where endless horizon stretches out.
A light shining from above seems to be creating something at her feet.
The figure drawn there is revealed to be The Hummingbird from Peru's Nazca Lines.
What we are looking at is not the desert but rather something inside the OPM350L, a precision metal 3D printer and the pride of Sodick.
The Hummingbird's milling gradually becomes clearer and more detailed, as the device executes a wondrous carving.
Once The Hummingbird's full form is fully rendered, it is shown slowly moving over Ms. Motokariya's hands.
The possibilities and wonders of the precision metal 3D printer.

The light in the final scene shown rising behind the OPM350L accompanied by the Tetsuwan Atomu theme song is The Hummingbird. It symbolizes the limitless possibilities evoked by Tetsuwan Atomu, which has been linked with Sodick's philosophy of business.

Our hope is that this commercial will evoke the idea of a "limitless future" for this trailblazing product by linking our OPM series of products with the strong advertising message that "The future we did not know is here."