Wire-cut EDMLinear Motor Drive Precision Wire-cut EDM

Improved productivity in the superfine and super-precision screw-less drive and new power supply unit


Main Features

Screw-less drive + gantry type constructionThis machine uses a linear motor drive which realizes high speed and fast response and also a low center of gravity gantry-type column, enabling the mechanical displacement due to mass motion to be reduced to the minimum possible, and also realizing greatly improved positioning and machining accuracy.

Newly developed power supply unitThe new power supply unit employs 5th generation EDM “Perfect Active Control” technology. It also uses 1 Gbit/sec serial communication technology, realizing high-speed processing of discharge control and motion control simultaneously.

Improved workability and operabilityThis machine comes with a three-sided automated vertical sliding machining tank, a U-shaped work stand, and other parts, resulting in greatly improved workability during setup process. In addition, the operation panel is separate from the machine, which enables all work to be performed from the front of the machine.

Product Specifications

Axis strokeX x Y x Z (mm) 250×150×120
Max. travel of U,V axes(mm) 35×35
Max. taper angle ±7°(thickness:100mm)
Max. machining sizeW x D x H (mm) 400×270×100
Max. weight of workpiece(kg) 80
Machine tool dimensionsW x D x H (mm) 2015×2517×2095

※includes power supply and dielectric tank


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