High Speed Milling Center Linear Motor Drive Ultra High-speed Milling Center

Higher-quality Surface Finish
Improved accuracy in fine areas realized by extremely high accuracy
with the linear motor drive supports various machining needs.


Main Features

Equipped with HSK dual face contact main spindle developed in-house ▪ Suppresses vibration and core deflection, consistent with good balance "rotation-torque
characteristics" and high rigidity.
▪ Achieves extended life at high spindle speeds by mist oil lubrication system.
 ※Air and oil mixed mist lubrication.

In-house developed CFRP adopted for the spindle head The in-house developed CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastics) standardly adopted for the HSK-E25 type main spindle head, reduced the weight of the spindle head by 40%. Accordingly, the motion performance of the X-axis improved remarkably, which realizes fine shape machining even further.

In-house developed linear motor drive The in-house developed and manufactured linear motor drive allows a step feed of 10 nm. Moreover, the new PWM amplifier increased the speed of the linear motor control cycle, which improved the motion performance of all axes.

Equipped with CNC unit "LN2X" Standardly equipped with the high-speed and high accuracy contour control function "SEPT" developed in-house to support various machining needs, from free-form surfaces to fine shapes. The finely divided cutter path realizes the finest shape accuracy ever.

MotionExpert® Equipped with simulation software which allows estimation of the machining time close to that of actual machining, and display of the machining speed distribution.

Product Specifications

Axis strokeX×Y×Z (mm) 620×500×300
Main spindle rotation speed(min-1) HSK-E25G(Grease lubrication):6000~40000
HSK-E25IK(Oil air lubrication):1500~50000
HSK-E25IK(Oil air lubrication)(Option):1500~60000
HSK-E32IK(Oil air lubrication):1500~40000
BBT30(Oil mist lubrication):1500~20000
Table size(mm) 750×500
ATC (No. of stored tools)(pieces) 20 tools(E25),
16 tools(E32、BBT30)
Machine tool dimensionsW x D x H (mm) 1825×3200×2540
Total unit weight(kg) 8000


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