Sodick IoT Sodick Internet of Things
Sodick IoT

Sodick promptly responded to Internet technology, utilizing various information and data collected from multiple machines connected to a network environment, not only the introduction of management software, in order to provide IoT (= Internet of Things), including
1. Monitoring, 2. Maintenance service, 3. Control and 4. Analysis.

Sodick IoT

IoT "Internet of Things"

Sodick IoT

IoT Concept

  • The IoT is a network where all things including vehicles, household appliances, robots, and facilities are connected to the Internet, and the exchange of information progresses the creation of data of things and automation based on the data which produces new added value.
  • This is not only limited to the sales of products, but also contributes to the progression of service provisions utilizing products, so called the service industry of things.


Network Connections

Sodick's network system uses standard network protocols

  • NC programs can be transferred between the machine and a PC, or between machines.
  • Machine status can be understood from a PC via a network

⇒Machine information can be understood from locations away from the machine
Commands can be sent to a machine from locations away from the machine



Data Collection

Software which inspects each NC unit at a fixed interval to collect data

  • Operating status of registered NC units can be centrally managed

⇒Centralized management of machine operating status improves the machine
operation rate


Motion Expert, MT Connect, and video clips distribution functions are also provided.

LQ e-mail

e-Mail Transfer

Software which transfers errors and stop information of registered NC units
by e-mail

  • Up to 4 machines can be registered
  • Three e-mail addresses can be registered per machine

⇒Notifi cation of unexpected errors and stoppage of machines can be received at
locations other than the machining site

LQ e-mail


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