High-speed Small-hole Drilling EDM CNC Very-small-hole Drilling EDM

High response of linear motor drive which realizes continuous and high-precision drilling EDM of very small holes


Main Features

Linear motor provied on main axisA high-speed, high-response linear motor provided on Z axis expands the machining range, stabilizes the operation and reduces the electrode wear.

High-rigidity double-column structureA high-rigidity double-column structure has been adopted to enable drilling EDM of very small holes. The structure, wherein a column is held by two struts, secures good resistance to thermal deformation and high rigidity, remarkably enhancing machining accuracy.

Automatic electrode changer (AEC)An AEC provided for this model changes electrodes reliably to facilitate long and continuous drilling EDM of many holes.


Axis strokeX x Y x Z (mm) 120×150×300
Max. weight of workpiece(kg) 50 (including jigs)
Table sizeW x D (mm) 200×250 (Ceramic)
Machine tool dimensionsW x D x H (mm) 1600×1530×2305

※includes power supply


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