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Automation System

EROWA has improved the successful concept of the Robot Compact with important features and increased performance.

Main Features

Supports Power Savings & Full Automation Sodick developed the AG Series based on a structure compatible to automation systems, aiming for power savings and full automation. When the 3 sided auto up/down type machining tank is lowered, the right and left sides of the machining tank are completely open therefore, the machine can be accessed from the right or left sides. The layout of the machine body and robot can be arranged freely, and one robot can also be placed between two standard specification machines.

Improve the use of the workshop

Magazine level (example) for two positions UPC 320 pallets. Reloading from the integrated loading station (option), 80 kg transfer weight – the new dimension at the low price segment!

Pull-out magazine levels: Load the magazine with an EROWA lift or ceiling crane, directly on the magazine position.

The magazine pull-out levels are released via the integrated handle positions.

The pass-through, a new and ingenious solution to magazine loading with electrode holders.

AG40L / AG60L

Product Specifications

Transfer weight(kg) 80
Max. single-stage load(kg) up to 180
Max. magazine load(kg) 1000
Main body dimensions W x D x H (mm) 2014×1069×2612

※ The specification may change without prior notice due to constant research.
※ It is necessary to adjust the air pressure manually, depending on suspended weight. The auto type is also available
as an option.


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