Die-sinker EDMLinear Motor Drive High Precision Die-Sinker EDM

Linear motor driven, state-of-the-art technology Die-Sinker EDM with unique low center-of-gravity structure delivers improved precision and productivity


Main Features

Direct-drive & Unique structureThe AP3L employs linear motors in achieving direct-drive with high speed and fast dynamic responsiveness that will not diminish over time. The unique gantry construction provides a low center-of-gravity, which minimizes mechanical displacement caused by workpiece weight. The new small head also works to improve accuracy.

“Arc-less” machiningThe new “Arc-less” EDM machining system is a new standard feature which greatly improves machining speed and accuracy, and also minimizes human errors. In addition, the Super-SVC circuit reduces surface roughness variation, and makes high quality “pear-skin” or mirror-finish surface possible with ease.

Ecology & Energy savingAP3L is environment friendly, recognizing the importance of energy conservation and material waste reduction in its design. Sodick has gone back to the drawing board to re-think and re-examine all machine components, and worked to accomplish significant reduction in the number of parts used for machine construction.

Product Specifications

Axis strokeX x Y x Z (mm) 300×250×250
Max. suspended weight(kg) 5
Max. weight of workpiece(kg) 200
Machine tool dimensionsW x D x H (mm) 1555×1945×1990

※includes power supply and dielectric tank


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