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Vertical single-acting type injection moulding machine
with greatly improved productivity which demonstrates both moulding
stability and high-cycle by V-LINE®

  • vt50

* The picture shown may slightly differ from the actual machine.

Main Features

Injection & plasticization unit
The injection and plasticization unit succeeded the V-LINE® which realized stable and high accu-racy moulding. A high-speed and high-pressure specification and dynamic response specification equipped with the super-dynamic response LDDV*injection valve can also be selected.
*LDDV = Linear Direct Double Valve
High-cycle specification
The adoption of Sodick's unique hybrid toggle mechanism realized a cycle reduction of 20%*compared to conventional, which greatly contrib-utes to productivity improvement.
* Comparison value in an actual moulding cycle of same moulded product
Expanded platen size
The tie bar interval in the horizontal direction was expanded to expand the internal area of the tie bar to 116% compared to conventional, which can now support the upsizing of moulds accompa-nying the complicated shapes of moulded prod-ucts, and moulds with sliding cores.


Clamping systemDouble Toggle
Max. clamping force (kN)490
Tie bar distance W×L (mm)420 x 360
Platen Dimensions W×L (mm)610(760) x 550(750)
Open daylight (Min. mold thickness + Max. stroke) (mm)600
Min. mold thickness/Max. mold thickness (mm)250 / 350
Plasticization and Injection SystemScrew Pre-plasticizing
Screw diameter (mm)18 | 22 | 28
Plunger diameter (mm)16 | 22 | 28
Max. injection pressure (MPa)262 | 256 | 252
Theoretical injection volume (cm3)14 | 27 | 83
Injection rate (cm3/s)80 | 114 | 123
Max. injection speed (mm/s)400 | 300 | 200
Plasticating capacity (kg/h)7 | 14 | 30
Machine size L×W×H (mm)1934 x 1643 x 3275 | 3502
Machine weight (kg)3000 | 3150
Mold Clamping Force ClassificationAC Servo motor control

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