Horizontal Injection Molding Machine
High-Speed/High-Pressure Injection Model

Control by a new ultrafast hydraulic servo system achieves improved injection velocity follow-up performance and injection pressure falling response after V-P switching.

High-Speed/High-Pressure Injection Model

Main Features

Product Specifications

Max. clamping force(kN) 1764(2156)
Min./max. mold thickness(mm) 250/600
Daylight(mm) 900
Tie-bar spacingH x V (mm) 560×560
Screw diameter(mm) 28
Plunger diameter(mm) 28
Theoretical injection volume(cm3) 61.5
Max. injection pressure(MPa) 420
Max. injection speed(mm/s) 1000
Machine weight(kg) 8000
Machine sizeL×W×H(mm) 6405×1465×1933


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