Vertical Injection Molding Machine V-LINE®Small size rotary model that runs on high-cycle Injection Molding Machine

Ultra-high-cycle, ultra-compact, ultrastable injection molding machine that flexibly accommodates shorter delivery times and more diverse small precision-molded parts

Small size rotary model that runs on high-cycle

Main Features

Ultra-High-Cycle MoldingBy separating the plasticization and injection processes, the V-LINE® removes inconsistencies during plasticization weighing and injection, enabling consistent measurement and injection. This enables high cycle rates for the stable molding of small precision components.

Electrically Driven Hybrid Direct-pressure Mold Clamping SystemFour tie-bars are used to ensure excellent alignment and high rigidity so that clamping force is applied uniformly. The stable mold closure and clamping ensures that the optimal surface pressure is applied to the mold. This reduces the load on the mold, minimizing mold maintenance and prolonging its life.

Ultra-High-Cycle MoldingA cycle time of just 0.9 seconds is achieved using a mold clamping system that closes and clamps in a single motion coupled with belt-driven table rotation.
(Closure/clamping, table rotation and opening each takes 0.3 sec.)
* With 36 kg applied to 2 surfaces of a female mold and a mold opening/closing stroke of 80 mm
* Equivalent for a dry run

New Function! Cycle Time ChartThe new cycle time chart screen makes the overall molding cycle visible at a glance. This clearly identifies molding operations that could be shortened to reduce time losses. Also it simplifies customization of the cycle settings for each process to increase the cycle rate and enhance productivity.

Product Specifications

Clamping Unit
Max. clamping force(kN) 29.4
Max. mold size (mm) 180 × 150
Turntable dimensions(mm) φ 460
Daylight (mm) 300
Min. mold thickness(mm) 150
Ejector stroke(mm) 30
Plasticization and Injection Unit
Screw diameter(mm) 14
Plunger diameter(mm) 8 12
Max. injection pressure(MPa) 197
Theoretical injection volume(cm3 2 4.5
Max. injection speed(mm/s) 500 400
Plasticization capacity(kg/h) 5
Machine Size・Weight
Machine sizeL x W x H (mm) 1625 × 1178 × 2600
Machine weight(kg) 1900
Power input Unit
Power input specification AC200V 50/60Hz
NC part Sodick CNC
Total power capacity(kVA) 29


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