Special-Purpose Molding Machine Manufacturing Cell System for V-LINE® OPM Molds

High productivity is achieved through a peripheral device package and 3D cooling pipes built into injection molds.


Main Features

Machinery Designed with the OPM Range of Molds in Mind

This molding system uses single-cavity molds with internal 3D cooling pipes formed with an OPM series precision metal 3D printer, based on a cassette style for the smallest molds.
Two temperature controllers are fitted as part of the standard configuration, while two molded temperature control pipe systems make it possible to maintain optimal local temperatures for top quality high-cycle molding.

All-in-One Package

We've created a package that offers all specifications required for single-cavity molds, along with peripheral devices. Each component meets applicable capability requirements.
The compact system dimensions, including the molding machine and peripheral devices, minimizes the area required for molding.

Centralized Control

All signals for the peripheral devices are input and output through the molding machine, allowing centralized control of all devices from the molding machine control panel.
The molding data and data for peripheral devices can be managed from a single location to build synergies with Sodick-IoT features and to provide customers with an advanced production system with global applications.

Product Specifications

Max. clamping force(kN) 294
Tie-bar spacingH x V (mm) 360×360
(Mold thickness + stroke)(mm)
Mold thickness(mm) 455
Plunger diameter(mm) 22
Max. injection pressure(MPa) 180
Theoretical injection volume(cm3) 27
Max. injection speed(mm/sec) 150
Machine sizeL×W×H(mm) 2653×1462×2250
Machine weight(kg) 2000



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