Special-Purpose Molding Machine V-LINE® Direct Casting Injection Molding Machine
for Aluminum Alloy

World's First* No melting furnace and holding furnace!
Complete direct casting.

Injection Molding of Aluminum Die Cast Products now Available.
Realizes innovative good quality product range, work environment and safety.



*Based on Sodick's research.


Main Features

V-LINE® Direct Casting

The "ALM450" adopted the V-LINE® Direct Casting structure equipped with a melting cylinder which melts the aluminum, and an injection cylinder which injects the material into the mold.
The separated melting and injection processes enable accurate and efficient molding.

A cylindrical shaped (billet) aluminum alloy is used as the injecting material, and the amount of aluminum melted in the melting cylinder only required for one shot is supplied to the injection cylinder.
The plunger injection method adopted for the injection unit allows for complete injection into the mold without entrainment of air due to the unique sealing structure, which realizes high quality aluminum molded products.

V-LINE(R) Direct Casting

Electric Hybrid Direct Pressure Mold Clamping

Equipped with direct pressure mold clamping mechanism which realizes accurate molding with high repeatability.

The mold open/close system comes with high parallel accuracy of the fixed platen and movable platen, and high straight movement accuracy of the movable platen by an LM guide and center drive with high repeatability of trajectory, which provides excellent molding quality. Unlike the toggle mold clamping, the direct pressure mold clamping generates a uniform mold clamping force from the center of the mold, and does not apply an unbalanced load to the mold.

Excellent Usability

In addition to the improvement in the yield of high quality aluminum molded products, the "ALM450" equipped with the V-LINE® Direct Casting structure also provides excellent usability.
  • The environment-friendly structure demonstrates efficient energy savings, because the amount of aluminum only required per molding cycle is melted.
  • A structure without a melting furnace and holding furnace realizes space-savings. The safety has also improved, as the complicated and dangerous work of handling the melted aluminum is no longer required.
  • The adoption of a non-wear unique sealing method without using a mechanical seal for the sliding portions of the injection cylinder reduces the maintenance frequency.
  • The pumping out of the molten aluminum which remains in the cylinder is no longer required, which makes it easy to stop the machine as is , and restart the operation.

Improves Yield of Aluminum Molded Products

Since the plunger is retracted while pushing the aluminum during measurement, high density measurement without air and cavities can be performed, which realizes stable quality.
The features of the ALM450 are as follows.
  • Since the molten bath is maintained near the product mold, the molten aluminum flows easily without cooling which improves the external appearance quality of thin exterior products.
  • Low speed injection reduces the entrainment of air. The directly transmitted pressure to the product due to the effects of the holding pressure reduces the internal defects of products with thick wall shapes.
  • The cavity i s completely sealed because the nozzle touches the mold before injection. Injection in a high vacuum area is now possible which was not possible with a conventional cold chamber, and reduces the cavities in the casting.

Effect on molds - Effectiveness of the holding pressure -

Conventional type
(Cold chamber)

A high pressure force is required because the almost hardened biscuit is pressed at a high pressure, which generates a pressure loss even on the inside.

Direct Casting

The direct application of pressure to the molten bath transfers the material to the fine portions of the product.

V-LINE(R)  Direct Casting

Supports Extensive Needs from Thin to Thick Products

Since a direct nozzle performs the injection close to the product, thin and complicated shapes can be molded with a sufficient molten flow in the mold at low injection speeds.
The direct pressure transferred to the molten bath at a holding pressure, also enables molding of high quality and thick products without internal defects.

Improves Work Environment and Safety

The supplied billet alloy material is melted in a cylinder at a fixed quantity without using a melting furnace and retaining path, which ensures a high level of safety.
The work environment can also be improved greatly, as no pumping of aluminum is required when the machine is stopped at the end of work.

Example of Molded Product

Tablet PC Case
Tablet PC Case
Material used Al-Si (4,000 series)
Product size 280mm×200mm×10mm
Thinnest portion 1.2mm (Almost entire surface)
Nozzle cross section 1.6cm2=Gate cross-section area
Injection speed 1.2m/sec (No low speed area)
Holding pressure 40MPa -0.1sec
Mold temperature 200℃,
Water cooled sprue & vent portions
Mold lubricant Oil
Vacuum None

Product Specifications

Max. clamping force(kN) 4410
Tie-bar spacingH x V (mm) 820×820
Daylight(mm) 1240
Min./max. mold thickness(mm) 340/900
Plunger diameter(mm) 90 120
Max. injection pressure(MPa) 50 40
Theoretical injection volume(cm3) 826 1810
Injection rate(cm3/s) 31808 33929
Max. injection speed(mm/sec) 5000 3000
Machine sizeL×W×H(mm) 9750×1965×2386
Machine weight(kg) 21000 22000





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