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Ozone Water-solution Producing Equipment
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Environmental Savior – Power sterilization, deodorization, and cleaning performance achieved by Ozonated water!!
High-performance Ozone Water-solution Producing Equipment

Ozone Water-solution Producing Equipment
Ozone Water-solution Producing Equipment

Main Features

(1)High performance:Generates high-concentrated ozonated water of maximum of 20 ppm Generates ozone water of solution up to 20 ppm (See Note). Offers more powerful sterilization, deodorization, and bleaching performance than a low-concentration (2 to 3 ppm) generator. The ozone water solution retains its effect over a long period.
Note) Values measured by Sodick. The actual ozone concentration is affected by the water volume and water temperature in the operating environment.

(2)Four dissolved-ozone solution concentration levels can be selected to suit the application The ozone water concentration can be set to four levels to support various applications such as maintaining vegetables fresh, improving livestock environment, and the sterilization and deodorizing of baths or swimming pools.

(3)Ozone water is safe and nearly odor-free! As the ozone gas is fully dissolved, the water does not have a powerful ozone smell.
As the water reverts to water over time, no post-treatment is required and there are no concerns about toxic residues.

(4)Water is the only raw material! No chemicals required. Ozone is generated continuously, using tap water only.
No chemicals are required. This equipment is extremely economical with the use of only tap water.

(5)Easy to use!! ・This is an extremely simple unit that operates with only water and a 100 V AC power supply.
・50% smaller volume than the previous O3reet unit.
・Instantaneously generates high-concentration dissolved-ozone solution for direct distribution.
・Digital concentration meter reading gives a real-time display of the dissolved-ozone solution concentration.

Concentrations of Ozonated Water and Applied Area

The sterilization and deodorization performance differs according to the dissolved-ozone solution concentration.

Concentrations of ozonated water and applied area

Product Specifications

Model HOZ25S
Operating panel Touch screen
Ozone concentration meter Yes (built-in)
Ozone concentration 5~20ppm
Oxygen supply method PSA oxygen generator (built-in)
Ozonizer Ozone silent discharge method
Water supply Tap water, or equivalent
Flow rate 10L/min
Water supply pressure 0.15~0.4Mpa
Dimensions(W x D x H) 450×660×860mm
Unit weight (dry weight) About 96kg
Power supply specification Single-phase AC100V 50/60Hz
Operating ambient temperature 10~40℃
Recommended ambient humidity Under 75%
Electrical capacity About 1.3kW
Accessories Water supply hose, faucet nipple, ozone solution discharge hose, as required.
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