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Automatic Noodle Boiling Machine

Noodle Boiling Machine with Automatic Cleaning Function for “High Efficiency”, “Excellent Hygiene”, and “Easy Maintenance”.

Main Features

(1)Not susceptible to Environmental Constraints
All the processes from boiling to water-cooling are inline-housed, so the noodle is protected from any external contamination.
(2)Keep highly Hygienic and Dry environment without contaminating the surroundings.
High-pressure water-cleaning prevents the surroundings from being contaminated, thus maintaining a highly hygienic and dry environment at factory.
(3)High Cooling Efficiency
The cooling zone is airtight sealed, allowing an enhanced cooling efficiency without being much influenced by environmental conditions.
(4)State-of-the-Art Cleaning Process
An entire process from draining water, pre-washing, cycle-washing, final washing, to refilling water is fully automated. There is no need for the machine operator to wait till the production is finished. Next production can start with no cleanings.。
(5)CIP Touch Panel Screen for Fast and Easy Operation
On the touch panel screen, Full-automatic, Half-automatic, and Manual operation can be selected. Detailed adjustments are possible depending on uncleanliness level and product-switching timing.
(6)Excellently Effective CIP Cleaning
“Cycle Operation” of Water-jetting, Detergent, and Heat-energy will wash away stubborn insoluble protein and starch dirts.

Cleaning Process of CIP Fully Automatic Noodle Boiling Machine

CIP function completely cleans deep-inside of the complex machine, where manual washing cannot touch, to highly hygienic conditions without leaving any unwashed spots!

CIP Touch Panel Monitor Display

On the touch panel screen, Full-automatic, Half-automatic, and Manual operation can be selected. Detailed adjustments are possible depending on uncleanliness level and product-switch timing.

Temperature Retention Efficiency of Cooling Compartment

Superior Temperature Retention is achieved by airtight panel structure for all the noodle pathways in CIP Fully Automatic Noodle Boiling Machine,

【Measuring Conditions】

Measuring Position:At the side of lower chain railing of washing compartment leading to the wrapping machine.
Measuring Time:From a start of production to its end
Measuring Device:Micropack Data Tracer

CIP machine Ambient temperature
17.8°C 10.4°C 25°C

Cleanliness Level of CIP

Sampling Cleanliness Test Result of Before/After Cleaning for the conventional machine and CIP

  • Quoted data is colony value/100cm2. TNTC means that measurement is not possible due to too large count.
Conventional Machine CIP Machine
Chain 600→No detection. Bacteria like E-coli was not detected after washing.
Shower pipe 12000→2000
Moving frame TNTC→10000
Rear of water tank No detection.→40
Chain railing of wrapping section TNTC→TNTC
Washing method High-pressure Water jetting and Sodium Hypochlorite Immersion Sterilization Circulation Cleaning by using highly heated detegent.

Product Specifications

Production equipment Main items Production capability Boiling time
S8O8-13-18000 Udon 18,000 meals/1 hour 13minutes
CIP s-808-11-8000 Udon 14,000meals/ 1 hour 14minutes
CIP S-808-11-8000 Udon 8,000meals/ 1 hour 11minutes
CIP S-606-18-2250 Thick Udon 2,500meals/ 1 hour 18minutes
CIP S-606-8-3600 Thick Udon 3,600meals/ 1 hour 8minutes
CIP S-606-3-3000 Japanese Soba 3,000meals/ 1 hour 3minutes
CIP S-1206-3-2000 Roku-wari Soba 2,000meals/ 1 hour 3minutes

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