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Quick Pure Mill

Space-saving, all-in-one unit features instantaneous grinding technology that extracts the maximum flavor without sacrificing nutrients.

Main Features

(1)Restriction in heat generation during grinding to prevent loss of flavor
Original proprietary rotary blades achieve instantaneous grinding while restricting the heat generated during the milling process.
Restriction in heat generation is achieved with the adoption of cooling system that maintains the grinding chamber at ambient temperature.
(2) Compatible with continuous powder-recovery system (optional)
・Basic system configuration supporting fully automatic operation.
・Powder collection containers can be attached or removed during machine operation.
・Attached sensor indicates when a powder collection container is full.
・Operation stops automatically when all collection containers are full.
(3) Pursuing Easiness on use!
Revolutionary space-saving, all-in-one design.
(4) Condition search function equipped
The optimal powder milling conditions are saved in memory for simple selection from the operating panel.
(5) Easy maintenance!
・Powder chamber is designed for easy cleaning.
・Parts requiring maintenance (powder collection unit and containers, filter unit) can be
  removed with a few simple tools.

New Uses for Rice Flour

Processed Products of Rice Flour

  • Alcoholic beverages including Japanese sake
  • Rice crackers
  • Seasonings including miso and rice vinegar
  • Japanese confectionary including dango and manju rice cakes
  • Rice flour bread
  • Western confectionary including cakes, cookies, pizza, etc.
  • Rice flour udon and rice flour ramen
  • Soap and body soap
  • Cosmetics

Product Specifications

Model QPM400 QPM600 QPM1000
Main motor 200V 5.5kW 200V 15kW 200V 37kW
Cooling unit 200V 1.6kW 200V 1.6kW
milling capacity
5~15kg/hr 18~35kg/hr 30~90kg/hr
1,125 × 865 × 1,262mm 1,565 × 1,288 × 2,007mm (1,900 × 2,200 × 2,300mm)
1,800 x 1,700mm 2,400 x 2,400mm
Power supply
3-phase AC200V 50/60Hz 3-phase AC200V 50/60Hz 3-phase AC200V 50/60Hz
Unit weight
(dry weight)
Abou 400kg Abou 800kg -
12kVA 25kVA -
  • The maximum milling capacity differs according to the type of raw ingredient, the water content of the raw ingredient, and the particle size required.

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