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Tsubame Wire

Tsubame Wire
Brass Wire


Cross section

Cross section
High dimensional accuracy
Diameter tolerance: +0 to -0.002 mm
Circularity: within 0.001 mm
Outstanding straightness
Each spool is tested for curl and torsion. We take pride in the stable automatic wire threading performance of our products.
Stable mechanical properties
Tensile strength, elongation ratio, breaking load, etc. are checked with automatic measuring equipment to ensure stable quality.
Ultra-smooth surface
We have our own control system involving special diamond wire drawing dies and lubricating oil. The Tsubame Wire is extremely smooth and free from roughs, dirt, and scratches.

Standard Spool

Size chart
Order Lot: from 1 box
Wire Diameter Weight Spool Qty/
Product Name Ref# Order No.
(φmm) (in) (kg) (lb)
0.070.002836.6P54e40P 070 P5-303140700314070
0.100.004036.6P54e40P 100 P5-303171000317100
0.150.006036.6P54e40P 150 P5-303171500317150
0.20 0.0080511.0P54e40 200 P5-503172040317204
613.2P54e40 200 P5-603172000317200
1022.0P101e40 200 P10-1003172010317201
2044.1P201e40 200 P20-2003172020317202
3066.1DP301e40 200 DP30-3003172030317203
613.2D1602e40 200 D160-603172100317210
817.6D1602e40 200 D160-803172110317211
1533.1D2001e40 200 D200-1503172150317215
0.250.0100511.0P54e40 250 P5-503172540317254
613.2P54e40 250 P5-603172500317250
1022.0P101e40 250 P10-1003172510317251
2044.1P201e40 250 P20-2003172520317252
3066.1DP301e40 250 DP30-3003172530317253
613.2D1602e40 250 D160-603172600317260
817.6D1602e40 250 D160-803172610317261
1533.1D2001e40 250 D200-1503172170317217
0.30 0.0120511.0P54e40 300 P5-503173040317304
613.2P54e40 300 P5-603173000317300
1022.0P101e40 300 P10-1003173010317301
2044.1P201e40 300 P20-2003173020317302
3066.1DP301e40 300 DP30-3003173030317303
613.2D1602e40 300 D160-603173100317310
817.6D1602e40 300 D160-803173110317311
1533.1D2001e40 300 D200-1503173150317315